Sticky And Speedy (Android Game)

Sticky And Speedy is an Android game by Xlip. Try to not collide with obstacles, but do collect points.

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Devika, The Little Goddess (Android Game)

Devika, The Little Goddess is an Android game by Akusan.

You have the power of the gods. Manipulate terrain, burn trees, create rivers or lakes, burn your enemies, extinguish them or use your earthly powers to smite them!

You wield the powers of little goddess, Devika. But your powers have been stolen by demons. When all seems lost, a little glimmer of hope comes in the form of your devout but reckless disciple, Faith. Embark on a journey with Faith, use your godly powers to fight monsters, manipulate terrain, and protect Faith from monsters and from herself. Unravel the fate of Devika and Faith as they help you get your full power back from the demons and save the world! A new adventure begins!

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Road Trip Overdrive (Android Game)

Road Trip Overdrive is a racing-runner-arcade game with several cars at your disposal by KumoKairo.

Gas pedal is stuck, you have to ride forward as far and as fast as you can, doing stunts (all sorts of flips and landings) in the process. Tap on left or right side to Tilt Your Car. Tap both sides of the screen to Slam Down. Try to complete a few missions and get a few stars.

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Video: New Nintendo Homebrews!

John Riggs shows some new home-brew developed games for the classic NES. All these games are put onto cartridges as well!


* Log Jammers
* Starkeeper
* 0 to X
* Larry & the Long Look for a Lucious Lover
* Haunted: Halloween ’85
* Haunted: Halloween ’86
* The Legends of Owlia
* Tortoises
* Basic Championship Wrestling
* Super Russian Roulette
* Tailgate Party
* Mega Ran
* Sergio Elisondo
* Black Box Challenge

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The Retro Hour EP90 – ZZap 64 to Frontier and GTA (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


Gary Penn talks to us about his early days on ZZap 64, working with David Braben on Frontier then his journey to DMA Design working on the original GTA series.

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Full Quiet (Kickstarter) (Commercial) (NES Game)

There are a bit more than 24 hours left to support the new NES game Full Quiet.

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BotB Invitro (GB Invitro)

BotB Invitro by Battle of the Bits for Game Boy!

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Intrepid Izzy (Commerical) (WIP) (Kickstarter) (DC Game)

You may remember Intrepid Izzy by Senile Team! Intrepid Izzy combines platforming, beat ’em up and adventure elements to create a unique experience with depth, character and above all, fun – and can now be supported via Kickstarter. There is a high chance for a Playstation 4 version along with possibly a Steam release for PC as well.


* Change Izzy’s abilities by collecting different costumes
* Branching dialogue system
* Simple, but versatile controls inspired by beat ’em ups: only 4 buttons used (jump, attack, special and look)
* Fully configurable controls
* Non-linear progression
* Huge bosses
* Magic, science fiction, talking animals, robots, spaceships… everything is possible and anything can happen!

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Video: Retro Coleco Homebrew Games September 2017

Quote from electricadventures

A special package from my home brew partners at Collectorvision, some more copies of one of my own games and four new home brew titles by other authors.

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Draconian (23-09-2017) (A2600 Game)

SpiceWare updated their game Draconian. Your goal is to destroy the space stations on each level. Use the radar, located at the bottom of the screen between the score and lives remaining, to find the stations (green dots) in relation to yourself (white dot). Destroy the stations by taking out all 6 pods.


Bonus Lives at 20,000 then every 70,000
Jingle added to AtariAge Splash Screen
Revised formation appearances
* Sector 1 = I-Type only
* Sector 2 = 50% I-Type, 50% P-Type
* Sector 3+ = 37.5% I-Type, 37.5% P-Type, 25% E-Type
Fixed condition where Red Alert sound effect would repeat in the menu
Slowed down explosion sequences
E-Types launched from stations will now collide with stationary objects
Fixed bug where next level would start if you rammed the last station with your last star fighter

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