Snakes v0.1.7 (3DS Game)

Desynched updated Snakes. It’s a snake game for up to eight local players, which makes it something very special to currently existing 3DS homebrew releases.


* Added new game option: Disappear on death. Now you can have a true tron cycle bike game mode by enabling: Tron mode, No apple, Disappear on death.
* Fixed a slew of bugs, including: ghost readies, being unable to press A for the first second at the end of a round, dropping death packets that force some players to stay in game when round is actually over, players getting stuck in “game starting…”, and many more.

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ctrmus v0.4.5 (3DS Application)

ctrmus is a music player for the Nintendo 3DS. For now it plays PCM WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Opus and MP3 files. Due to limitations in ctrulib, only ASCII characters are displayed correctly. Other characters will appear garbled, but functionality is not affected.


* Fixed an issue where exiting the CIA build was unstable.
* Major backend refactor to make decoders more modular and reduce duplicated code.
* Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

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The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard (09-01-2017) (A2600 Game)

Mountain King updated his new WIP Atari VCS game The Gizzle Wap and the Great Blizzard.

It’s the holidays in Sundra. A great blizzard hit the land suddenly trapping anyone that was unfortunate enough to be caught outside. You play as the Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum searching the land for survivors. Move the Gizzle Wap left and right and press up to jump. The Moum Moum will follow. Press the fire button to dig in the snow to search.

Listen closely to the Moum Moum. He has a better sense of where a creature might be buried. Dig where he sings. You may have to scan an area more than once to find something. He will not sing if he is standing on the Gizzle Wap or if he is too high in the sky.


1. Moved some back ground sprites to eliminate some flicker. Changed the speed as well.
2. When you have rescued enough victims and the star appears in the sky. The next victim will be a Belanis soldier. When rescued he will drop a map.
3. An arrow will appear telling you which direction to go to find the boss. Follow the arrow until it turns into an “x” You will also notice a thin flashing “portal” Dig at the portal and it will spawn the boss.
4. The Blood Finch, sworn enemy of the Moum Moum will swoop in and attack the Moum Moum and Gizzle Wap. Disrupt his attack by digging a hole and let him fly into it. Defeat the Blood finch and he will explode and catch on fire. The Gizzle Wap and Moum Moum will heal and the falling snow will flash. Press the fire button and the next level will start. (There still is no true level progression, the game will just start over)
5. Fixed a bug where there the fraze branch spawns out of reach making it impossible to continue.

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Pin The Colors v2.2 (Android Game)

Pin The Colors is an Android game by Ad4m4. You have to pin each color of the circle with needles of the same color. There is also a special needle (the multi color needle) which can eliminate all the needles existed in one color of the circle without affecting the score. Oh wait! 2 needles can’t touch each other!


– Choose Your Favorite Background Color
– New Animations
– New Buttons’ Icons
– Leaderboard + Acheivements
– Share a Screenshot of your HighScore and Challenge your friends
– New Chiptune Music
– Sound Control
– Continue Button ( if Score > 24 )

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SNES9x 3DS v0.71 (SNES emu for 3DS)

SNES9x for 3DS is a high-compatibility SNES emulator for your old 3DS / 2DS. It runs many games at full speed (60 fps). It supports games that use CX4 chip (Megaman X2/X3), and the SDD-1 chip (Star Ocean, Super Street Fighter 2 Alpha). It can also play games that use the SuperFX chip (Yoshi’s Island, etc) but they run with plenty of frame skips. It has generally much high compatibility than existing SNES emulators on the old 3DS because it uses Snes9x 1.43 as a base, and is a good alternative if your existing emulators cannot play all the games.


* Fixed nasty bug that breaks loading of the second ROM, if the first ROM was loaded from a directory path that has spaces in it.
* Added feature to allow users to page up/down the options in the menu while holding down X.
* Minor optimisations
* Includes an SMDH icon

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POWDER v0.1 (Preview) (3DS Game Port)

POWDER is a roguelike originaly developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). It is not a port of an existing roguelike as the controls of the GBA are very different from the traditional keyboard, and the screen imposes some additional limitations. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. It uses actual graphic tiles (16×16) rather than the traditional characters.

The game goal is very simple: Descend into the depths of the dungeon until you reach the foul daemon known as “He who the author cannot spell consistently”, or, Baezl’bub. When you have slain Baezl’bub in heroic combat, or, if Baezl’bub dies in any way, retrieve his black heart and bring it to the surface world.

Release notes by nop90:

This is only an preview release, everything seems to work but the game sometime hangs ant there are a lot of thing to do to improve the GUI (like using the bottom screen adding touchscreen support and increase the resolution to a full 400×240 pixel (now it’s a gba resolution zoomed). If you want to test it, save often to avoid to lose your game if the system hangs.

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Teeth Man v1.0 (Android Game)

Teeth Man is an Android game by Bracksoft. Eat all the fruits without losing your teeth! Be very careful, precise and all the fruits out there. But watch out as you got limited amount of teeth. Score points by eating the fruits and be the most healthy person, in the world!

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Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise v1.0.23 (Android Game)

Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise is an Android game by Kaleb Parham Productions.

Help Paris and Max overcome a puzzle by an ancient human civilization and overthrow an evil madman!! Quickly arrange multi-colored gems into lines and clear them away. Build up your skill, compete with friends, and obtain Shirlanka in crazy energetic puzzle madness!!!

Use quick witted strategy to shift four or more gems horizontally, vertically, or into a square for points. Do it quickly to earn combos and bring your score up even higher. As you figure out the game, you can push it to get higher scores. But as you push the game, the game pushes back even harder. If you fill up the entire playfield with gems, you lose!! Can you conquer the Gemanator and discover Shirlanka?

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Isegrim (WIP 2) (Atari Lynx Game)

It’s not fair when developers keep on teasing the public :) Luchs Soft showed the box design of Isegrim to the public.

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CollectorVision Upcoming Releases ) (Commercial) (CV misc)

CollectorVision released a promotional video of their upcoming ColecoVision titles.

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