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Target Blitz 1k (NES game)

Target Blitz is a small simple shooter for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The coder BlueHawk has optimized his previous submission and Target Blitz is 1k in size now!

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Regarding News

Just a short note that we are not allowed to post about games which are prohibited bygerman law, since PDRoms is hosted in Germany at the moment. To bring it at a point: We can not post news about the current Wolfenstein 3D port on GP32, nor we can tell where to get it. Please understand that, thank you!

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gpSpout v1.0 (GP32 game)

Spout is a small, abstract shooting game.

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Commerce Conflict v1.1 (GP32 game)

Aquafish’s Barcode Battler remake”Commerce Conflict”is still being worked on. Out now v1.1

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gpLinux Propaganda V1.2 (Linux for the GP32)

The GP Linux team makes a new version public.Notes: Some new functionalities in the new alpha4 release. – mouse driver for gp32 buttons (no demo yet) – squashfs2 filesystem – sound driver (still have some glitch problem) – new penguin logo See the readme.

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GPMagazine issue 4 (GP32 fanzine)

Marks comprehensive GP32 fanzine.

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Discuss your views on the next compo on the following forum thread.

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Pop! (GBA game)

Toby Jaffey has released Pop!, its a Puyo-Puyo style puzzler game for the GBA.

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Strip Poker (GBA game)

Cappeca made a Strip Poker game for the GBA, its available on his project page.

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gpSpout v0.3 (GP32 game port)

Another update, the third today 🙂

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