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GPX Calc v0.1 (GP32 application)

GPX Calc is a kind of Excel light for the GP32. You can get the file from GP32spain.

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Euro Firmware v1.6.7 (GP32 Bios)

Gamepark released a final of their european firmware. You can get it at Gameparks homepage:

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gpQuake v0.3 (GP32 game port)

noskill released qpQuake v0.3!

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SvOrbis v0.9 (GP32 application)

SvOlli released another update of his Ogg Vorbis player SvOrbis for the GP32. This is next next step to the V1.0 release. Until then no new features will be included, only bugs will be fixed. For each bug fixed there will be a release like V0.9a, V0.9b, etc. So keep on testing and reporting bugs. mono oggs now work correctly [&hellip

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A800 v0.6 (Atari 800 emulator for GP32)

The for now only avaliable Atari 800 emulator for GP32 called”A800″has been updated. Changes: * Merged with atari800 v1.3.2 source* Built various speeds* Added builds with cycle exact emulation (slow but good… See picture)* Fixed 130XE bank switching* Added virtual keyboard (press L+R together)* Fixed ATZ, DCM support* Savestates are gzipped (slowish, no option to disable yet)* PCX files are [&hellip

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Mastermind (update, GP32 game)

Tristan updated his Mastermind game, read more onthis thread:

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NesterGPd v1.2 (Emulator for GP32)

dMouse did a lot of code optimizing, designed a new menu and updated his NES emulator to v1.2

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Prototech Beta 2 (GP32 game)

The good-looking horizontal shooter sees an update.

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PixMan GP v1.0 (GP32 game)

Aoyama released a new game called PixMan GP. It’s a pacman style game and you can get it from his page. Thanks toGP32clubfor the news.

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Italian GP32 lovers have an own page now. Right now there is just a webboard, but everything has to start once. Good luck guys! You can check the page at:

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