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Tetris and Asteroids (GBA games)

Image provided by: www.gbadev.orgTetris and Asteroids for the GBA as written by Chris Adams. Both are available at gbadev.org

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GBA GPS Mapping Receiver (GBA application)

Mikhail sent in the following news item:1. Attach a GPS sensor/receiver with 2 wires to the GBA link port 2. Upload up to 20 maps of any size with the provided ROM maker/image calibration program3. The GBA will track the current position by smooth and fast scrolling of the map to hold the current position at the screen center and [&hellip

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New hosted page: Dr. Hirudo (misc)

PD Roms has a new hosted page. Dr. Hirudo is console, handheld and computer coder. Be sure to check his projects, it’s truly a very interesting page.

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Finally the compo judges, decided which 10 winner games to put on the to be soon produced cartridge.

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PCE Advance v7.1 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa updated his PC Engine emulator for the GBA. Changes: V7.1 – 2005-01-19 (FluBBa)* Added Super CD-Rom emulation on EZ3 cards.* Optimized VDC write.* Optimized VRAM read/write.

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EGG (GP32 Fenix Game)

Image provided by: UnknownEGG is a Fenix game similar to PAF, which is another Fenix game :-)”look”ported”PAF”to the GP32 and modified the graphics and probably a few other things which give this new game called EGG.

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ROL v0.1 (GP32 Fenix Game)

Licantropo released a new GP32 Fenix game. Due to my lack of spanish I can’t provide more information.

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Falling Rocks (GP32 Fenix Game)

Image provided by: UnknownThe first”GP32″game by Sonic-NKT. In”Falling Rocks”you have control over a starship and you need to avoid the falling rocks 🙂

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Reader v0.92 (GP32 application)

!Reader by Marco Giorgini is another application allowing you to read textfiles on your GP32. Get it from:

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Yetti v0.9 (GP32 Fenix Game)

Image provided by: Unknownjoanvr has update”Yetti”. It has much cuter graphics and a couple of other changes.

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