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Just a few minutes ago, we have changed our board software from phpBB 2.0.22 to phpBB 3 RC4. This piece of software seems quite stable and pretty much useable and offers many more features than the old phpBB2. Enjoy!

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nesDS (31-07-2007) (NES emu for NDS)

Loopy has updated his NES emulator for the NDS. Changes: (7/31/2007)Touch screen problems fixed

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The german main retailer of GP2x’s had a major redesign of their homepage. This page also hosts the worlds biggest GP2x file-archive along with GP2x news in german language

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Happy Halloween (28-07-2007) (A2600 Game)

atari2600land has update his game Happy Halloween. Changes: Added a new maze (level 26)

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Bee Ball v3.9 (A2600 Game)

This game is a mix of volleyball and tennis, you are one bee, and need throw the “honey ball” to opponent side, using the raquet. If ball touch the floor, you score 1 point. After X poits you are a winner. Changes: – Added Score numbers – Added a function for bee judge – He throw new balls. – Partial [&hellip

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Lead 8k (30-07-2007) (A2600 Game)

seemo has updated Lead 8k. Changes: – moving logo on title and options screen – bordered ‘lead 1k’ option – game over and options menu voices ‘wrap’ (press up while on first option to get to the last option, down while on last option to get to the first) – ‘saw’ envelope option replaced by ‘1/0’ – intro sequence (skip [&hellip

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Taken directly from Yeah, dear members ! It’s time to choose your favourite homebrews! Check out the following links to choose your 5 favourite games, and your 5 favourite applications. Here is the complete list of games And the complete list of applications Next step: list here your 5 favourite homebrew, of the two different sections (games [&hellip

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