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graphDS v0.5 (NDS Application)

graphDS can evaluate mathematical expressions and graph Cartesian, parametric, and polar equations. Changes: Added catalog. Added functions: abs, acs, asn, atn, mean, nDeriv, nIntegrate, rand

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Goomba Color (31-03-2008) (GBC emu for GBA)

Goomba Color is a GBC emulator written for the GBA. Even though the GBA usually natively plays GBC games, Goomba Color provides the convenience to run multiple games from a flash cartridge, and also runs on the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Micro. Changes: * Amazing new speedhacks to make some games run faster * Fixed some graphical garbage while [&hellip

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Shooting Watch DS v2.2 (NDS Game)

Shooting Watch DS has been updated! Changes: Added Lode Runner skin Built with latest tool chain. SoundFx and music now use AS_Lib as with latest PA Lib beta. Save file can now be in any directory. As default the game searches for the location of a previous save then location of the nds file. If neither are found (if you [&hellip

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DS Visual Novel Reader v1.2.7 (NDS Application)

DS Visual Novel Reader is exactly what it pretends to be. Changes: * fixed problem with backgrounds not loading and other weirdness

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AEP-Emu, one of our partner sites, is turning 10 years old today. If you are looking for your latest emulation plug, you may give that page a visit! Congratulation retroK & Team!

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Libellen (NDS misc)

Libellen is a sprite handling library for the Nintendo DS, based on libNDS. The library is released under the terms of the WTFPL. Full release notes: Since I’m not going to do any further development on this (for various reasons), I have decided to release libellen – a sprite handling library for the Nintendo DS, based on libnds. The library [&hellip

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Rin Wii (GBC emu for Wii)

With “Rin Wii” comes a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for the Wii, based upon TGB Dual. Video in action: Lot’s of free and legal GBC roms to try: //files/gameboy

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Quake (Wii Game Port)

RustyNathan ported Quake to Wii, but doesn’t have the resources to test. To install rename Quake.elf to boot.elf and put it in the root of your SD card. Now take the “ID1” folder and put it in the root of your USBGecko. Run boot.elf with the “Twlight Hack” and enjoy. This is the Shareware version of Quake, if you have [&hellip

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Trojan Horse – LCD Simulator (NDS Game)

This is a simulator of “Trojan Horse LCD Card Game”, for Nintendo’s Wii

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Trojan Horse – LCD Simulator (Wii Game)

“Trojan LCD Simulator ” is a LCD Simulator of “Trojan Horse” (Gakken) for Nintendo’s Wii. Video on action:

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