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Flappy Fish v1.2 (Android Game)

In Flappy Fish by AntPixel Studio you have to help a little cute fish learn to swim. Changes: * No changelog

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ColEm v3.2.1 (Coleco Vision emu for Android)

Marat Fayzullin updated his Coleco Vision emulator ColEm for Android devices. Changes: * Fixed defunct processes left by some activities. * Games launch faster, after optimizing EMULib library. * Activities (such as Settings, Exchange, etc.) start faster. * Only starting Google Analytics tracker when needed. * Keeping just one instance of Google Analytics tracker. * Removed AdMob library, as the [&hellip

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Pixel Rooms v1.0.9 (Android Game)

Pixel Rooms is a escape-the-room game by URARA-WORKS Co. and SKIPMORE. Clear each of the 25 rooms and escort Mr. Pixel to victory! There is also a speedrun mode with global rankings! Changes: – Fixed bugs

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PandaVision v1.0.svn1123.2 (Intellivision Emu for Pandora)

PandaVision is an Intellivision Emulator written by Joe Zbiciak and ported to the Pandora by EvilDragon. Changes: * Added D1K Arcade and D2K Arcade to the mapper list * Added Fullscreen option * Fixed CFG-File handling

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Galactopus (28-09-2014) (A2600 Game)

Oh &%$@! Either the advance warning satellites are %&$#!@ again or there’s a giant %©#&$ space octopus heading straight for earth! Congressional budget cuts have reduced NASA to launching model rockets in the park but never fear, the private sector is here! For six easy payments of just $199,999,999,999.99, Astr-O-Corp has volunteered to send their prototype low orbit fighter to [&hellip

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 v0.8.2 (Non Public) (GBC Game)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is a 8-bit demake of Mortal Kombat 3 for the Game Boy Color by PSC. MK3 has been seen for plenty platforms and systems, but never for the GBC until now! Actually until now is also not 100% correct as the game is currently still in private Beta. The project is non commercial and non profit. [&hellip

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TTYtter v2.1.0.4 (Pandora Application Port)

TTYtter is a command-line based Twitter client. Type /help for help. Type /help for help. You have to run ‘sudo opkg install ca-certificates’ to use this

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Trosh v1.0.0.02 (Pandora Game Port)

Trosh by Stabyourself is a homage to flashy releases of energy and heat (commonly known as explosions) features Trosh, the unshakeable mountain of a person with sunglasses on his quest to space and back. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb. Trosh: The Movie: The GameWatch this video on YouTube. Changes: * Using Fusilli client from Ziz, with cached upload

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Not Pacman v1.0.4.04 (Pandora Game Port)

Not Pacman is a game by Stabyourself. This mashup of “Not” and “Pacman” puts The Pac and the Ghosts in a Pacworld cage, at mercy of gravity and level’s shape, controlled solely by you. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb. Release notes: * Using Fusilli client from Ziz, with cached upload

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Not Tetris 2 v2.0.0.06 (Pandora Game Port)

Not Tetris 2 by Stabyourself is the spiritual successor of the classic Tetris mixed with physics. The result is a fun spinoff in which blocks are no longer bound to the usual grid. Blocks can be rotated and placed at any angle, resulting in a complete mess if not careful. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb. Changes: * Using Fusilli client [&hellip

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