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SmsGGOO v3.4 (SMS and GG emu for Dingoo)

alekmaul updated his NATIVE Dingoo application, emulating the Sega GameGear and Sega Master System! No Dingux required!

Thanks to alekmaul himself for the news!

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DOSBox (Public Test) (Alpha) (DOS emu for Dingoo Linux)

DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms.

This is the first Dingoo DOSBox version based on DOSBox v0.73, which is an public alpha test.,0,0,0,72,344

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D2X-Rebirth (R1) (Dingoo Linux misc)

D2X-Rebirth is a source port of the Descent 2 engine and provides classical gameplay combined with a bunch of improvements and new features.,0,0,0,30,342

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D1X-Rebirth (R2) (Dingoo Linux misc)

D1X-Rebirth is a source port of the Descent engine and provides classical gameplay combined with a bunch of improvements and new features.,0,0,0,30,292

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Wubtris v1.0 (Dingoo Game)

The Wub has updated his falling block puzzle game Wubtris.

This update fixes the controls, the sound, battle mode and numerous other things!

Thanks to Wubby himself for the news via e-mail!,0,0,0,25,341

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FCEUX320 v0.3 (Beta) (NES emu for Dingoo Linux)

FCEUX is a cross platform, NTSC and PAL Famicom/NES emulator that is an evolution of the original FCE Ultra emulator. Over time FCE Ultra had separated into many separate branches.


* Added file browser to GUI.
* Rearenged all settings to three submenus: main, video and sound. Almost every original option is available now; like ntsc tv emulation, PAL timming, individual nes apu channel volume, etc.
* Added new 280×240 scaler in video settings.
* Merged last svn revision (4/03/2010).
* Added fcm and fm2 movie support.
* Added virtual mouse (gun) support.
* Added hotkeys support (See features).
* Added screenshot option to GUI. The screenshot is saved in png format in the /usr/home/.fceux folder.
* Added softreset nes using power switch.
* Added option to save (override) default config to GUI. NOTE: There is no option to recover the default config yet. So if you want to do that just move /local/home/.fceux/fceux.cfg file.
* Added fractional frameskip (See features).
* Replaced SDL driver with a minimal driver using Slaanesh’s minimal library.
* Fixed gui vsync.

NOTE: Please be sure to remove all previous config files from /local/home/.fceux, both the main fceux.cfg file and the cfg folder!/

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UAE4ALL (RC 1) (A500 emu for Dingoo Linux)

Chui updated UAE4ALL for Dingux. It works fine but requires overclocking. This is the second pre-release/preview so it might contain bugs, please report them.

Release notes:

First stable UAE4ALL (AMIGA emulator) has been released for Dingoo using Dingux:
– Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM.
– 2 Floppy drivers emulated.
– Savestates LZMA compressed.
– Virtual keyboard and mouse.
– Saves disk changes compressed.
– Autoframeskip and throttle for real speed with sound.
– Special Dingoo features: Volume, Brightness, MHz, …

Thanks to for the news.

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Sqrxz WIP (08-04-2010) (Dingoo Linux Game)

The Giana’s Return Team is currently working on a remake of the TI-83 Jump’N’Run puzzler “SQRXZ” using graphics from the J2ME version in a “classic” mode, but also fully redrawn deluxe graphics. The screenshot below shows the classic graphics.

Here is a quote from the Giana’s Return page:

We are heavily working on Project “S”! The game is fully playable, minor features and little bit of bugfixing is left. Our current intern version is v0.5!

We will be releasing for most major systems such as GP2x, Wiz, GP32, Dreamcast, Dingoo Linux (Dingux), Windows, Wii, PSP and possibly other systems. As we do have permission from the copyright holder and creator, we shouldn’t be running into any problems releasing for the systems mentioned above.

Prepare for the possibly hardest Jump’N’Run puzzler you have every played! If you can’t handle this game, you better go and play golf

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Wubtris (PACC 2010) (Dingoo Game)

Falling block puzzle game!

This release was an entry to the “Pandora Angst Coding Competition 2010”, page is located here:

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Mojo (PACC 2010) (Dingoo misc)

Mojo is a chord finder program for the GP32 and Dingoo. It has about 200 basic chords. More will be added! 🙂

This release was an entry to the “Pandora Angst Coding Competition 2010”, page is located here:

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