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Gmenu2x Nuke v0.2 (Dingoo Linux misc)

Gmenu2x Nuke is a “local pack” filled with games, emulators and applications for Dingux. A list is not yet published, but all added programs should come with a proper icon.

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ViewImage v1.2 (Dingoo Linux Application Port)

ViewImage is a simple image viewer that has been optomized for use on the Dingoo with Dingux. See the included README for full instructions & information.


Zoom & Pan: Press A to zoom an image to full size then use D-Pad to pan around. X to return to normal mode.
View Image Info: Press Y to toggle the info display on/off. Displayed info includes filename and image size.
Slideshow Mode: Use the Hold switch to lock the controls, & ViewImage will cycle through all the images in the directory, with a 10 second delay on each image.
Bugfix: Auto-scaling fixed to handle square images properly.

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BubsyMOD (26-05-2010) (Dingoo Linux Application)

BubsyMOD is a small ProTracker player written in SDL.

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MIDPath 4 Dingoo v0.3 (Dingoo Linux misc)

MIDPath is a Java library which provides a MIDP2 implementation on top of various graphical libraries (SDL, AWT, SWT, X11, GTK, Qt3/Qt4/Qtopia4, Linux framebuffer) and audio libraries (SDL, ALSA, ESounD, PulseAudio). It’s based on MIDPath 0.3 RC2.


– Changed Midlet Suite Manager to display larger Midlet icons
– Force quit by using Start + Select + R
– Add a flag to use Nokia E61 style keypad (key ‘5’ is mapped to ‘g’)
– Fixed a bug in image rotation causing graphics corruption
– Other fixes

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Chip World v1.0

Chip World is a complete re-implementation of the Windows version of Chip’s Challenge.

Help Chip win the respect of Melinda, to join the Bit Busters club. For this, Chip must complete a number of challenges set up by Melinda. Chip must collect all the required micro chips to be able to pass the socket, and get to the goal.

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Chip World v1.0 (Dingoo Game)

Chip World is a complete re-implementation of the Windows version of Chip’s Challenge. Please note that you need CHIPS.DAT from Chip’s Challenge to play!

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ViewImage (14-05-2010) (Dingoo Linux Application Port)

ViewImage display images, proportionately scaled to the Dingoo’s screen.


When loading an image, viewimage now automatically rotates if required before scaling, so that the image is always displayed in the largest format possible. Portrait-format images will automatically be displayed 240×320, while landscape format images are automatically displayed 320×240.
Manual rotation is possible using the shoulder buttons. L is counterclockwise and R is clockwise. When rotating, the image is rescaled so that it fits in the screen.
Bonus feature: When you launch viewimage by passing a single filename to it, viewimage scans the entire directory that the image is in and automatically loads all other images of the same file type, with the selected image first. This allows you to use a file selector to pick a single file within a directory full of images, and get your chosen file displayed first, while having every other image (with the same suffix) in the directory also available by hitting the next/previous buttons. (dpad left and right.)

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MAME4ALL v1.0 (Arcade emu for Dingoo)

alekmaul ported slaneesh’s MAME4ALL version to Dingoo NATIVE! Now you can play more than 2000 Arcade games on your Dingoo without the need of Dingux!


V1.0 : 13/05/2010
+ Add new games for Classic
+ Add new games for Capcom
+ Add new games for Konami
+ Change mameVector to mameVectSega and add all sega games
+ Add Deast+Irem, Atari+Namco, Others mame .app files
+ Change default sound freq to 22050
+ Return to menu when exiting a game
# Change key X to key B to return to menu (on config screen)
+ Hiscore saving and configuration saving added
+ Add CPU overclocking -> USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!

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HelloDingoonity v1.0 (Dingoo Linux misc)

xdpirate released “Hello Dingoonity” for Dingoo.


This is a super-high-tech killer app everyone must have on their Dingoo. I won’t go into more detail here, download it and see for yourself!

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MagicDingooBall v1.0 (Dingoo Linux misc)

xdpirate released a Dingoo version of the classic Magic 8 Ball toy.


Remember that Magic 8-Ball you had when you were little? Now you can have this awesome piece of high-tech software on your Dingoo.

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