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PenguPop v2.2.4 (Caanoo Game Port)

PenguPop by junoplay is an open source “Bust a Move” clone. Burst the bubbles by joining three or more equally colored balls together. Ported to Caanoo by

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Blackjack21 v1.0 (Caanoo Game)

Ben Scroggins comes up with Blackjack21, a very simple game of Blackjack. Try to beat the dealer!,0,0,0,25,809

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GMU Music Player v0.8.0 (Beta 1) (Caanoo Application Port)

Gmu is a music player for the Wiz. Gmu supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, Musepack, FLAC and various module formats (such as s3m, stm, it, etc.). It also includes a playlist and a file browser.,0,0,0,6,805

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Quake v9 (Caanoo Game Port)

Quake port for the Caanoo by Pickle with enhancements from Rikku2000.


– Add 3G Sensor
– Add command cl_sensor disable 3G Sensor
– Add command cl_sensor_x setup the 3G Sensor X-Axis
– Add command cl_sensor_y setup the 3G Sensor Y-Axis
– Change Touchfields to W, A, S, D keys
– Manuel Maplist change to Autodetect Maplist (Check the Maps dir for BSP Files)
– Manual Modlist change to Autodetect Modlist (Check the Quake-root and can select Floders as Mod)
– Add option for Custom Textures
– Add Alpha Channel to Half-Life Maps
– Add CD Music use .wav as music.
– Fixed Gamma adjuster.
– Add cl_footsteps, r_drawworld, r_drawsky and gl_fullbright
– Add Footstep and Swim Sounds
– Add r_mapshots
– Add Footsteps and Models Interpolate to Advance menu,0,0,0,30,573

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Netsurf v2.7 (Caanoo Application Port)

Netsurf is a web browser for Caanoo with on screen keyboard and SSL support. Ported to Caanoo by scachi.,0,0,0,112,803

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CBZ-Reader v1.0 (Beta) (Caanoo Application)

CBZ-Reader by Isendrak Skatasmid is a ComicBook Zip (CBZ) file reader written in Python using Pygame for Caanoo. It uses PickleLauncher to select the file to read. This is to be considered as a beta version, please report any errors to get, so they can be fixed.,0,0,0,113,801

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SDLSnake (05-10-2011) (Caanoo Game)

Kavb is a new developer to the Caanoo scene and comes up with his very first game SDLSnake. Currently it’s a rather simple Snake game without scoring – consider it a “minimalistic” version.

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Protect & Rescue v1.0 (Caanoo Game Port)

Protect & Rescue is a game created using BennuGD. It’s an arcade game where you have to save prisoners and therefore reach the highest score.,0,0,0,27,798

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Geek Em Up v1.1 (Caanoo Game)

“Geek ’em Up” is a side scrolling shoot ’em up. Did you ever ask yourself how your favorite game genre would look as a shoot ’em up? In Geek ’em up each level is designed after a different game genre.


– 3 Levels, each with a unique design
– Boss battles
– 8-Bit soundtrack
– PowerUps,0,0,0,30,797

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Guitars On Fire (18-09-2011) (Caanoo Game Port)

Guitars On Fire is a Guitar Hero clone, like Guitarfun and FretsOnFire. The game allows using Frets On Fire compatible songs!,0,0,0,37,795

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