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Chess2x v0.5 (GP2x Game)

Chess2x by ParkyDR is a chess program using GNUchess as its engine. The game has seen it’s last update sometime in 2007, but got updated last week.


1) Tighten up promote check
2) Auto repeat for joystick, L/R and volume
3) Get rid of 2 pixel gap on right of screen
4) Combine move and in game menus
5) Provide feedback on volume change,0,0,0,25,1912

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GP2X Hardware Library v1.00 (Beta) (GP2x misc)

GP2X Hardware library allows developer to access the hardware features of the GP2x. Software emulation is provided on PC through SDL.,0,0,0,19,2888

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Geek Em Up v1.0 (Game)

“Geek ’em Up” is a side scrolling shoot ’em up. Did you ever ask yourself how your favorite game genre would look as a shoot ’em up? In Geek ’em up each level is designed after a different game genre.


– 3 Levels, each with a unique design
– Boss battles
– 8-Bit soundtrack
– PowerUps

Wiz Version:
GP2x Version:,0,0,0,30,2887,0,0,0,30,2887

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Hamster’s Escape v1.0 (Game)

Stay and run away from evil Hamsters! How long can you survive?

GP2x Version:,0,0,0,27,2886
Caanoo Version:,0,0,0,27,739
Pandora Version:,0,0,0,27,426

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pure (GP2x Demo)

pure by Quebarium is one of those demos you would not expect these days, as the fanbase of Gamepark’s GP2x has decreased a lot, especially since there are two successors out, namely the GP2x Wiz and the Caanoo. The demo itself is not extra ordinary special, but still worth to watch. The demo ranked 2nd at the @party 2011 wild demo competition.

pure by Quebarium (GP2X demo) - party version

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Txishos v1.0 (misc)

Txishos is a Spanish music game from Futublog. Ported to Wiz, GP2x, Caanoo and Pandora by GECA soft.


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GMU Music Player v0.8.0 (Beta 1) (Application)

Gmu is a music player for the Wiz. Gmu supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, Musepack, FLAC and various module formats (such as s3m, stm, it, etc.). It also includes a playlist and a file browser.


* Internet streaming audio support on network-enabled devices (for web radio, currently mp3 only)
* Graphical spectrum analyzer
* Support for PLS playlist files
* Fixed time display for very long playtimes
* Window icon for platforms running Gmu in a windowed environment
* Per default Gmu’s file browser now advances to the next file when adding a file (optional)
* Configurable verbosity on stdout (with the -v flag)

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PokeMini v0.4.5 (PM emu)

PokeMini is an Open-Source Pokemon Mini emulator for various systems.


Fixed interrupt flag status after interrupt jump/call
Added “Generated”, “Direct PWM” and “PWM+Filter” sound modes
Generated – Mode used in slow platforms
Direct PWM – Same as direct but with ability to play PWM raw sounds
PWM+Filter – Direct PWM with filtering to simulate PM’s piezo speaker
LCD update now when “dirty” instead of PRC rate counter match
Unofficial colors information structure changed to lower memory usage
Support for 4×4 attributes in unofficial colors
Added “Reload colors info…” to reload the .minc file
Soft reset now supported, changing rom won’t reset clock
FreeBIOS 1.2: Display status and improved compatibility
SDL Only: Added joystick support (disabled by default)
Joystick can be enabled under “Platform…” -> “Define Joystick…”
SDL Only: Color depth can be changed between 16bpp and 32bpp
Wiz Only: Fixed crash when sound disabled and added SDL port (wizsdl)
NDS, Wiz and PSP Only: Battery can be setup to reflect real battery
Source Only: Added some simplified platforms based of others

Thanks to and for the news.

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Cascade Beneath v1.0 (GP2x Game)

Cascade Beneath is a simple fall down clone. You just move from side to side and try to let the platforms push you off the top of the screen as they slide up.,0,0,0,27,2882

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Dont Get Crushed v1.0 (GP2x Game)

“Don’t Get Crushed” is a simple game in which you must move left and right to avoid being crushed by balls that bounce across the screen. The longer you survive the faster the game moves and the higher your score will be. Its a clone of the iPhone game Falling Balls.,0,0,0,27,2881

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