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Flow Rush v1.0 (Android Game)

Flow Rush by blackhornet.workshop is a free unique logic puzzle game. Your task is to deliver all messages to the destination points. To solve the puzzle, you should rotate and connect hex tiles in such a way as to find the right path for a delivery of abstract messages. Use the doves to fast transferring over distances.

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Mad Beaver (Demo) (Android Game)

Mad Beaver is an Android game by Shade Isaac. Mad Beaver is back in the woods and he wants this tree down!

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Super Plumber Run v1.0.5 (Android Game)

If Nintendo can’t manage to get “Super Mario Run” into the Google Play store in time, others jump into the boat! So does Onduck Games with Super Plumber Run… and it for sure looks beautiful!

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The Chest v1.0.1 (Android Game)

The Chest by Igbow is a role playing themed clicker game, where you tap chests to gain money, once you have enough money you can upgrade your weapons and equipment to get ready for the adventure!

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HyperRogue v8.3i (Android Game)

HyperRogue is an Android game by Zeno Rogue.

You are a lone outsider in a strange, non-Euclidean world.. As a Rogue, your goal is to collect as many treasures as possible. However, collecting treasures attracts dangerous monsters (on the other hand, killing the monsters allows more treasures to be generated). Collecting enough treasure also allows you to find rare magical orbs, which grant you one-time or time-limited special abilities.

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Dodger v1.0 (Android Game)

Dodger is a simple Android game by Shade Isaac. Dodge and survive as long as possible! No limits, no break, just play!

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Wrecking Rockets v1.01 (Android Game)

Wrecking Rockets is a new Android game by Olkham Software. Defend your planet from incoming rocket attacks by entering their self-destruct codes and detonating them before they impact your home world!

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ColEm v3.8.5 (Coleco Vision emu for Android)

Marat Fayzullin updated his Coleco Vision emulator ColEm for Android devices.


* Optimized OpenGLES shaders used in scaling algorithms and filters.
* Added “Audio | Sampling Rate | Automatic” option for best available sound.
* Always using optimal rate and buffer size when “Automatic” selected.
* Added “Audio | Sampling Rate” options for 24kHz and 48kHz sound.

This is a free, limited version of ColEm that may show ads and nag you to buy the full version. For the latest, full, ad-free version, with better joystick, network play, and the ability to share your saved game play with other users, get ColEm Deluxe.

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Voracious Viper v1.0.1 (Android Game)

Voracious Viper is a rather easy game where you have to collect all eatable items within a minimum amount of steps. You get one extra life when completing a level. This game is inspired by Vicious Viper which was a game made by F. Kahlig from Spare Time Software in 1990. This app is a re-implementation for modern hardware by Christian DeTamble of The Refactory.

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Jewel Thief v1.1.0 (Android Game)

Jewel Thief was a game made by Paul Ligeski from ServantWare in 1991. This app is a re-implementation for modern hardware by Christian DeTamble of The Refactory using the original sprites and backgrounds.

The National Museum is in a tissy. The country’s jewel collection has been stolen and scattered all over creation. Your mission is to travel to far away places and steal back the jewels from their unrightful owners. As you leave your mother wishes you well and reminds you to be careful… Collect all jewels as fast as possible and avoid guards and borders. You get extra men when you collect jewels. Tip: Use only one finger to move around.

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