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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 55 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #55 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

01. Attract Mode
02. Gaming Studies with the Tomy Tutor — Loco-Motion
03. Apple II Incider – Skyfox
04. Trevor McFur and the Crescent Galaxy
05. Game Over

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Teacher confiscates a Linux CD because it is illegal WTF (misc)

While reading I came across a story about an US teacher, who took a students Linux CD away and declared Linux as illegal and Windows the “only way to go”.

This story is just so damn hilarious that I want to share it with everyone. Now click the link below read and be amused or shocked! 😉

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Maturion started a new project called – It’s mainly a place for german speaking developers and designers – it’s currently building up, so don’t expect too much action soon. But of course, this is also in YOUR hand 😉

There are already some developer registerd such as:
MK2k – homebrew devleoper –
Widdy – homebrew developer –
Kojote – PDRoms webmaster & other crap – you know the URL … 🙂
Maturion – Sega-DC webmaster & developer –

If that is not a reason to join? 😉

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5555 is the number we like (misc)

Dear visitors,

We wanted to celebrate the 5000th newspost of 2008 with you here at PDRoms, but we greatly managed to miss this 🙂 So we just make it 5555 now, which is also not correct anymore, as there are currently more than 5600 news .

Of course PDRoms would be nothing without the homebrew scene and all the hard working guys, who spend their free time to create demos, games, applications or just write articles on how things should go. So here comes a BIG THANK YOU DEVELOPERS.

And of course… THANK YOU for reading and following 🙂 May there be another thousands of news 😀

Kojote & Team

PS: Feel free to spread the word about our great news service and our marvellous download archive 😀

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Announcing PDRoms outage for 04. December 2008 (misc)

Dear visitors,

We have to make important changes to the PDRoms database today. This will probably last from the early morning hours till the late evening.

Along with the database change there will be MINOR fixes to public and defective functions.

Thanks for your understanding!

Kojote, kedo & celeth.

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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 54 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #54 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

01. Attract Mode
02. Apple II Incider – Nightmare Gallery / Centipede
03. Gametap – Worth the Price?
04. Old School Gamer Review – Doom
05. Game Over

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When demos go multi-platform (misc)

Many productions released on the demoscene are made for more than one platform. A smart move since you can reach a bigger audience this way. But what is needed to do this and what are the differences if any?

Magic interviewed Xeron and Marq, both known for creating multi platform ports.

Follow the link below for the full and very interesting article!

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Kojote back from vacation (misc)

Dear visitors,

I am back from vacation but still affected from a jetlag. News service should return to the usual quality in the next few days.

Thanks a lot to kedo for helping out! …and lets hope he continues his support 🙂


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Homebrewcast Episode 11 (misc)

Imagine someone giving you an audio blogcast talking about homebrew releases – your wish has become true!

Homebrewcast is just doing this!

Episode 11 has the following topics:

– Brick OS (The Console OS)
– DSbrut
– DSerial Edge

PSP Homebrew:
– PSP Pandora Deluxe – DJB
– Lockdown XMB Style Beta 3 – Torch
– Fast Scroll Music 1.2 – Torch
– Dragon and Weed: Black Ghost Ops – west dragon

NDS Homebrew:
– MissleCommandDS – Kayvon
– cellsDS 1.3 – glitchDS
– DS Downloader 0.3.1e – hiroshi
– Super Smash Bros. DS 0.2 – GEMISIS
– 2Dart DS 0.7 – ErrorA
– TommyS Boarding School RPG DX – trabitboy
– Blackjack DS 0.7 – Scott McFly
– RetroRocket 1.1 – Some Swedish Dudes Name’s I can’t pronounce.
– AlienDS – Pac
– Enguarde-DS Demo 1 – SpixShadow
– UAPaint 1.11 – BassAceGold

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New PDRoms Feature activated (misc)

Yes, sometimes even this becomes reality! PDRoms is having a new feature!

From yesterday on, each news item which appears on the main page, will have it’s thread at the PDRoms PHPBB discussion board.

This was a feature requested from several people and will hopefully spice up the activity there and makes it a useful community ressource.


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