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Troubles (misc)

Dear visitors,

in the past few hours we had serious troubles with the backend – most of it, should be fixed now. Kudos to celeth for taking himself time to fix everything, tho he should have done something for university! Thanks mate!

The service should be back to normal now 😉


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Pulling the Shi… (misc)

Seems not only myself had a bad expirience recently…

Here are a few lines from brakken of

Wraggster, for my knowledge hasn’t been giving proper credit to emulation authors who post their work exclusively on other websites from some time – well at least in cases of the SkeenDev emulators. At the time barely any “scene” sites were covering the emulators due to the fact that there were only a handful of these sites who actually reported on GameCube. To make matters worse two of these “scene” sites who actually did cover GameCube homebrew, MaxConsole and PS2NFO were on bad terms with me and didn’t want to send my site traffic due to various reasons including loss of revenue.

These facts actually hurt the GameCube scene as the very talented authors works were not being spread around the scene. The end result of these other sites greedy tactics turned against them as TehSkeen quickly became a premier site for GameCube related developments and in the end these so called scene sites lost more traffic (income) then they would of if they would of covered the news themselves. Although, gained more popularity I was still not pleased as the homebrew authors weren’t getting they attention they deserved.

During this period in time Wraggster was one of the only English language “scene” sites posting constant updates about the emulators, but he was also not citing the source. This happened on numerous occasions. I however ignored for two reasons: (1) The emulators were getting coverage on a major site. (2) Lots of sites don’t link to respective sources so it’s pointless to post about them unless they are up to a lot of no good like MaxConsole and PS2NFO. Although, I ignored his disrespect for my site and the GameCube coders I did not forget…

Click the link for the full article!

Update: 05:06 @ 21. 11. 20007
While trying to use my account I got this:

You have been banned for the following reason: Nice, Very Nice newspost – Date the ban will be lifted: Never

First STEALING news and then beeing pissed, when someone moans about it in the public… I call this “Very Nice” too and pretty professional 😉 – It probably just proofs that what has been written here tells nothing, but the truth! 😉

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More rant (misc)

As I am not too happy with Wraggsters explanation, here:

Update of sorts
Thanks to Kojote for the Idea, i posted this at 3am after an 21 hour day and forgot to credit the original idea, also by quickly linking to our GBA site people can browse and go to any coders site who makes the emu. A pm if offended would have been preferable.

At least he got his sitting-organ up and said, where the idea was comming from, but I am missing a link to the page where the idea was comming from. Anyway… giving (loveless half) credits after almost one full day… the train has already left the building, as his main page is filled up with other things and almost no one will read whatever he wrote.

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Just few hours ago myself, Kojote/PDRoms, wrote an article about how to extend the iPhones gaming function using gpSPhone. Now Wraggster shameless steals this idea, without giving credits where due. The original article is here:

Here is his post as you can find it per 05:05 20.11.2007 on

November 20th, 2007, 04:12 Posted By: wraggster

ZodTTDs excellent GBA Emulator for the Apple iPhone/itouch has opened the door to GBA Homebrew and more importantly in this newspost emulators of other systems

The following emulators for the Gameboy Advance should all be playable on the GBA Emulator for the iPhone, from arcade games to Atari2600 and even Snes games will work via these emulators.

Amstrad CPC
Black Tiger
Greenboy Attack
Punchout GBA RGBArcade
Space Invadors
Atari 2600
BBC Micro
Chip 8
Game Gear
PCE Engine
Sega Master System
Sharp X1
Texas Instruments 83
Watara Supervision

All can be found for download at GBA Emulation

To mention that GBA Emulation is a part of Wraggsters own Network, at least my article gave the homepages of the developers in first line… oh, to mention: PDRoms is fully non-commercial and hombrew developer friendly (we don’t link around in our own network to generate lots of pageviews and display a shitload of commercial ads…).

Wraggster how deep have you fallen? SHAME ON YOU!

He’s also pushing SNES emulation, tho it really doesn’t work that pretty… but well… you have your attention now! Congrats!

Spread the word and make him show who is the community! Teach him a lesson, so he will finally respect and proper link things of others! It’s not only about PDRoms, it’s also about every single homebrewer out there… I bet you prefer getting links to your own page, than having your product added up in his forum without mentioning a source? Right?

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Metronome v0.1.0

Works like a real metronome – grab the pendulum and give it a push to make it start swinging, grab it and let it go near the top and it will stop. The slider controls BPM (currently displayed in text below the slider).

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Purity DS v1.0

Purity DS is a test which consists of some questions, mostly about the topics of alcohol, sex, and drugs, in order to evaluate how pure you are.

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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 42 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly is a online magazine caring about nostalgia/retro stuff.


Many Faces of Tutankham
Nintendo Realm – Sep 1986
Lost Titles of Tengen Xybots
TI99 Modded RGB Video
Apple ][ Incider – Shanghai’ed
Mastering Sega – F-16 Fighting Falcon

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Some Hidden PC Engine Pics

This is just a small slideshow that displays some pictures that were hidden away in some PCE CD games. Compiled by Chris Covell.

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PDRoms (misc)

Dear visitors,

please keep in mind that the CORRECT URL is NOT .org. The .org domain was used to TEST certain issues, before going officially online at the old .de domain.

There are currently issues with the RSS feeds, as they still point at the .org domain, please fix this manually while we are at it. The .org domain will stop working soon!

Thanks for your attention!

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Has the Homebrew Scene Become Stagnant? (misc)

Here are a few thoughts from wraggster, webmaster and news poster at about the homebrew scene, tho i could not agree with most of it.

First off let me say that i am a 100% Homebrew Fan but at times even the best of us can see that things seem a little stale or stagnant.

Why do i think the Homebrew Scene has become stagnant?

Well firstly the ease to update our systems using firmware updates has made things very hard to near impossible unless you want to own 2 of each consoles. The PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox360 are too easily updated nowadays and that makes homebrew a lot harder to get a footing on these consoles. Nintendo even managed to stop people using the Wii for Gamecube Homebrew and Region Free Gamecube Games. Yes you can modchip your Console but if you want to play the latest games then you have to either buy a new console just for homebrew or sacrifice one or the other.

The handheld Market actually fairs much better, the DS, GBA and GP2X once you buy a Flash Card/Mem Card you are resonably safe. The PSP However suffers the same fate as the mainstream consoles in that firmware updates keep killing homebrew albeit not for long.

The Ipod/Iphone seem to be sufferng the firmware update issue too and that makes a homebrew scene very hazardous unless you want an expensive brick every time Apple update.

Sadly a fully legal Xbox scene seems to be one of those dreams that will never happen.

The Gamecube scene whilst small is picking up and theres rumours of a hardware addon that will turn the GC into a very powerful Homebrew console but is it too late in the day.

The Dreamcast community still produce a few gems a month thankfully.

If im being honest then the PSP Scene once an extremely redhot scene seems to have slowed a lot and most certainly become stagnant and mostly due to the Custom Firmwares and endless amounts of homebrew released for them that for me run the risk too easily of bricking your console.

The GP2X has also slowed a lot of late while people wait for the Craiginator the supposed PSP Beater, but we are nearing the end of October and no more concrete news on that console as of this newspost.

Im hoping that all the consoles that havent been fully cracked for homebrew get cracked soon and that on the handhelds we get back to real homebrew instead of countless releases that enhance a custom firmware.

Obviously this is just my personal view and no disrespect is meant at any coders as they work extremely hard to give us the tools to use on the consoles we own. But the recent stagnancy in the homebrew arena has caused me to ask the question in the title.

Am i right, am i wrong, do you agree that a certain scene needs to focus away from certain areas. Give your views via comments, are you bored of homebrew on the console or consoles you own ?

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