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PDRoms reachability III (misc)

ZodTTD helped out with a few last issues, everything should be more stable and faster now! Thanks man!

Visit his page and leave him a thank you too 🙂 ->


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PDRoms reachability II (misc)

Dear visitors,

The attack is gone (for now), the page seems stable.

The past days were really a pain in many ways and related to this I also had a financial loss. Considering PDRoms generates no money, but costs money – plus this extra loss – I am far from amused and was very close to drop all this stuff.

Whatever we tried to do, the attacks continued. On this way here I would like to thank Evildragon, chrissie and celeth for helping out. Unfortunately the attack was extremely massive, that even the guys at the server farm were unable to help.

I am not quite sure if I will continue to maintain and even run PDRoms or just keep it like this and let it disappear before the next server bill arrives.


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PDRoms reachability (misc)

Dear visitors,

PDRoms is beeing DDOS’ed and there is nothing we can do about this. We have to wait and see when the attacks disappears on it’s own.

The loading time is incredibly high, but you should be able to get something displayed.

Kojote & Team

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musicBox (06-12-2009)

musicBox is a simple “baby toy” for Nintendo DS. You’ll see three vertical large stripes with an animal in it. If you touch the desired animal it’s according sound/noise will be played.

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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 67 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #66 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

* Press Fire To Begin
* Retrogaming News
* High Score Monthly! Profile

* Christmas Memories From The Golden Era
* 1982: The Best Christmas Ever
* Fooling The Stores: A 1984 Guide To Videogame Return Policies
* Apple II Incider – My Apple II Wishlist
* Pitfall!: A Homebrewer’s Journey
* Looking Forward Into The Past

* Please Save Christmas Santa!
* Vectrexenstein – In Hibernation
* Dual Perspective – Super Mario Brothers
* All Eyes On Mega Man III
* Modern Retro – Tekken 3
* Old Wine in New Bottles: Taito Legends 1 & 2
* A Pixilated 21st Century!

* Video Game Tattler
* Gaming Advertisements
* Game Over

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Gamekool 8 Percent Discount (misc)

We just had a talk with our friends at Gamekool and they are giving a discount for PDRoms visitor once again, just like the year before.

If you order enter the code “PDROMS.DE” – You’ll recieve an 8% discount on the order volume, this means item plus shipping will be discounted. The code is vaild till 31.12.2009.

On a sidenote we want to tell that PDRoms will NOT profit in any way from this. Just enjoy this possibilty and try to make a good deal 🙂

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Server overload (misc)

Major french webpages are currently linking to PDRoms. This started at about 10:20am. The server was not able to handle the requests.

EvilDragon of OpenPandora fame ( ) gave us a helping hand to sort things out. Everything should at least run a lot better than before!

Happy browsing 🙂

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News Plagitarism (misc)

Our scene friends at Nintendomax wrote a few words about news plagitarism in the homebrew scene. Use a translator of your choice and go over it. The original french article is linked.

After the initial step of PDRoms to route our visitors to one of our very own “special” friends, as sign of silent protest, someone could say that most of the other sites covering homebrew should be entering a state of changing and understanding, sadly this isn’t the fact.

If you spend hours and hours looking for news manually or even with automized tools, which still require you to feed it with data, the least you can expect is a proper crediting as a small thank you.

Most scene pages don’t earn a single dollar and their staff works for free to bring you an appropriate service.

As people would say in a webboard: “Don’t feed the trolls!” – So go on, make your own opinion and decide your steps. We are not telling you to do anything, it must be really a decision of your heart.

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Demoscene Outreach Vienna – 14 November 2009 – Reminder (misc)

Speckdrumm ( ) are having a “Demoscene Outreach” in Vienna, Austria on 14th November 2009.

We will show DEMOS ( ), have seminars about Gameboy Coding, Vectrex Coding a close look at few demo creation tools and MORE.

Be there, entry is free!

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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 66 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #66 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

01. Press Fire To Begin
02. Retrogaming News
03. High Resolution – NES
04. My Life Of Cyber Crime
05. All Eyes On Wolverine: Adamantium Rage
06. Apple II Incider – Lode Runner
07. Vectrexenstein – Mine Storm
08. Dual Perspective – The Legend Of Zelda
09. Modern Retro – Speed Freaks
10. Video Game Tattler
11. Gaming Advertisements
12. Game Over

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