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PDROMS mentioned in a Seattle Post Intelligencer article (misc)

Just recieved an e-mail from Nothnworks telling me this:

Hi just wanted to leave you a quick note that I found your website through an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer Newspaper dated January 31, 2003 In the Life and Arts section of the paper. The article was titled “Software turns pc into a gamer’s golden-oldies haven”

Thanks a lot for the note, Nothnworks. Anyone could send me a scan or give me an URL of the article please? That would be really cool. I allready searched myself on the newspapers homepage, but had no success :/

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PDROMS mentioned in a New York Times article! (misc)

PDROMS has been mentioned as legal freeware rom source in an emulation/retro gaming article published in the “New York Times” on the 30th January 2003! I’m really surprised! The link below points to the article. Unfortunatly you need to make up an account first (It’s free of charge). I guess not everyone wants to register, therefor here is a short cutout. (Copyright 2003 by the New York Times!)

Emulators are easier to download and use nowadays, adding to their popularity. “Most emulators have been around for many years now, and the interfaces have matured”, said Bradford W. Mott, project manager at Stella, a popular Atari emulator. “This makes it easy for the average computer user to have access to them”. But game companies and software trade associations are not pleased with the wide array of games and emulators available online. Most sites carry disclaimers saying that the games are meant to be downloaded only by users who already own a legal copy.Some sites, like pdroms (, offer games that are in the public domain and legal for downloading. Intellivision Lives ( and other sites have acquired the rights to offer some games online. But many sites offer pirated material and are thus illegal. Some emulator sites are also illegal, since they copy original copyrighted code. Most users don’t seem to care either way, as long as they can play their old games.

As said these are just a few lines… to read the full article visit the page below and sign up for an account.

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Something personal (misc)

Kia’ ora!

As some of you might already know, i’m in New Zealand since 2 weeks as an exchange student for half a year, so i think i won’t have much time for improving Jep, just wanted to tell ya this 🙂

And now something for the people living in NZ:
If you wanna get in touch with an Austrian student, just write me an email (pancid at pdroms dot de). I’m living next to Auckland and i really enjoy meeting new people!

Ok i think that’s it so far…
See ya!

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PDROMS Poll: Why do you visit PDROMS? (misc)

PDROMS is back since nearly 6 months, and I want to know why you visit my page. Please have a look at the link (it will forward you to the forum where the poll is).

Due to security reasons only members of the board are allowed to vote. So i can be sure everyone does it only once (Signup only takes a minute).

BTW If you want to leave feedback about pdroms (what could be done better, …) just let it out! I’m thankfull for _any_ feedback! (Please take care of your words, even if you think my page isn’t good)

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GBAX 2003 Coding Competition (misc)

News taken from

GBAEmu and GP32Emu have joined up to bring a new GBA and GP32 coding competition. This year we decided that entries should be either a game or emulator for either machine, sorry no demos this time as its difficult to judge against games and emulators.

Prizes are:

1st $150 & GBA-SP Console
2nd $150
3rd $100

In addition, all three winners receive a Game Wallet & 128MB SMC or something else of their choice from GBAX. There are also runners up prizes and all good entries will receive a smaller prize. For rules and other details check out the official page.

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Webboard / Forum – Details (misc)

I allready posted about the new webboard yesterday. Now I want to go into detail. The sections are:

PD Roms – News regarding planned things or new additions
New FREEWARE Console Releases – Got a new version of your game/demo/application? If so you are right here (No registration for that part needed. Please don’t misuse this, otherwise we’ve to disable Guest posting)

PD Roms – Talk, Talk, Talk 🙂
Freeware ROM Talk – Talk about Freeware ROMS (old and new stuff) here
Development Talk – How? Why? What? Questions over questions, maybe you getan answer here
Console Hardware Talk – Hardware Add Ons, MOD-Chips&Co
Off Topic Talk – Everything which does not fit above

Freeware ROM / (DISK) IMAGE requests – You are looking for a FREEWARE computer/console production? Ask here and we’ll try to help you out! (REMEMBER ONLY FREEWARE allowed, if you are not sure about the status of the production you request better let it, any commercial production request will end into a ban)

So far this is all. Moderators besides me and my cousin Nabeel are: Guyfawkes/GBAemu & fr4nz/Spoutnick Team. I hope the one or other will sign up and discuss with us. So far there are allready 17 registered users.

A thanks to following people helping me setting up the board: Guyfawkes, and Space Commander/Bytegeiz

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File Uploads! (GBA/GP32) – 12oo Images reached! (misc)

Gameboy Advance
FPocketNES v8U9 by FluBBa

Game Park 32
Sarien (GP32) v0.3 by Anders Granlund
InfoNES (GP32) v1.0 by Anders Granlund

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PD Roms Webboard / Forum – Opened! (misc)

I thought it’s time for a Forum/Webboard… and here we go!

Hopefully it will be usefull for the one or other! This board is about Freeware Rom & Development Talk only. Commercial rom requests and commercial game talk is strictly forbidden.

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File Uploads! (GBA/NGPC/GP32/PS2/GBC/NES) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Blocks (FIX) by SatanicFreak
FPocketNES v8U8 by FluBBa
Gorillas Advanced v2.1 by Benjamin Stark
LodeRunner v0.1 by Consolecoder
Merry Christmas by Parallax Sisters
Thrust by Grumpy Cat
Xmas Demo by Mr Mister
Zelda Demo by Dark Cloud

Neo Geo Pocket Color
SODChess v1.1.0 by Thor

Game Park 32
gpSCUMM (5 Jan 2003)(3c)by ph0x
MODPlay v0.20b by CHN
Sarien (GP32) v0.1 by Anders Granlund
SIDPlay (GP32) v0.01b by CHN
snes9xgp v0.72a by Snes9xGP Team
xRick (GP32) by Anders Granlund

Playstation 2
Happy New Year 2003 by NoRecess
Stench by Tyranid
New Year by adresd

Gameboy Color
FGB by Plasma Works
Tom Atom by Tomas Rychnovsky

Nintendo 8-Bit (NES)
Manhole by KZ-S

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News Archive is up! (misc)

As the one or other knows, the PHP coder of PDRoms, “Pancid” will be away for a few months. The last present for you out there is the “News Archive” script. Now you can check older news from June 2002 on.

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