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wFacebook (Beta 2) (PPC Application)

wFacebook is a new WinMo Facebook application.

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MobilePad v1.0 (PPC Application)

MobilePad is a light, speedy text document editor that allows you to create quick notes or long journals for daily activities right on your Windows Mobile Phone. Version 1.0 contains most of the functionalities of the popular text editor Notepad for Windows that we all know.

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SetVolume v0.2 (PPC Application)

SetVolume is a Volume Profile Scheduler.


– fixed Regional Setting bug (hopefully)

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Get Album Art v0.05 (PPC Application)

Programs such as Slide2Play will usually download any missing album art, but not always. Get Album Art will scan your music directory and download album art as well.


.05 – add new menu, Google art search, force over-write

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MissedCallReminder v1.2.5 (PPC Application)

MissedCallReminder adds the missing “missed call” and “missed sms” reminder to WM 6.

Release notes:

1.2.5 release (screenMain.gif,screenSetting.gif and screenMenu.gif)
bugfix: Program only searches for files in the directories inside the selected folder, not the root of the selected folder.
bugfix (hopefully): When using TouchFlo and the option “startup with windows”, the program does not automatically minimize to the taskbar.

No reminder when call is in progress
option to “minimize to taskbar” or “minimize and hide”
Lock screen on phone call connect (I am using this myself and decided to keep it in. it locks the screen using the windows lock when a phonecall is connected. it unlocks the screen when a phonecall is finished. Default this is off, and you do not have to use it if you do not want to.)

NOTE: the option “Menu – No icon in taskbar” controls the “minimize to taskbar” or “minimize and hide”.
When “No icon in taskbar” is NOT selected the program will minimize to the taskbar. the program can only be reopened using the icon. it is not visible in the taskmanager.
When “No icon in taskbar” is selected the program will only minimize. it can be reopened by relaunching the program. it is also visible in the taskmanager.
TouchFlo user should select the “No icon in taskbar”. when doing this please close the program and relaunch it for the setting to take effect.

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SetVolume v0.1 (PPC Application)

SetVolume is a Volume Profile Scheduler.

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Web Video Downloader (WVD) v0.0.17.0 (PPC Application)

Web Video Downloader can download .flv or .mp4 videos from various web sites.


Change toolbar buttons
Fix PornHub
Add Favorites manager

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G-Alarm v1.4 (PPC Application)

G-Alarm is an alarm clock with a special mechanism to wake you up. Before the alarm clock stops you need to guide a ball through a labyrinth or solve a mathematical task.


[ADDED] Hidden option: Show flightmode
[FIXED] Freezing after disabling the flightmode
[FIXED] No more OutOfMemory exceptions
[UPDATED] Faster startup
[FIXED] Some bugs
[UPDATED] Languages: english, german, french, portuguese, russian, polish, korean


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PocketCM Keyboard v0.22 (PPC Application)

PocketCM Keyboard is a virtual keyboard vor Windows Mobile devices.

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TouchResponse v0.3.1 (PPC Application)

This program is a touch driver to handle the touchscreen presses and vibration. A settings program exists to configure how the vibration works. Since this is a touch driver, there is no program you need to run to start it.


– Should properly upgrade when built into a custom rom

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