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Smoke Tracker v0.3.2 (PPC misc)

Want to reduce your tabbacco consumption? Keep track of your smokes, which should help you to reach your desired goal.


– Fixed some bugs
– CAB should now be installable on storage card

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Back FavPeople Up v1.3 (PPC Application)

“Back FavPeople Up!” – Backup/Restore of TouchFlo Favorite people.


Added manila 2.5 support. This will backup and restore the ordering of your favorite contact, and the default contact method. Without this utility, your favorite contacts may be restored after you hard reset (if you have sync at least once before your hard reset), but the ordering and default contact method will not be restored!
Updated the ringtone support. Will backup/restore contact’s ringtone setting even if the contact is not a favorite contact in Touchflo3D people tab.
Revamp the UI.

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SpeakerPhone – Auto On v1.06 (PPC Application)

Automatically turn on your speakerphone. While the application is running, when an incoming call is received, the speakerphone of your device will automatically turn ON when you receive the call. You can also automatically activate the speakerphone when you are making an outgoing call by checking the Outgoing ON in the menu. It should work on smartphone and PocketPC WM5/WM6.


– fixed bugs (hope it works on other devices now)
– added taskbar icon (green phone icon)
– tap on the green icon on the task bar to show the notification bubble to be able to close the application

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nbImageTool v0.1 (PPC Application)

This program analyzes an .nb, .nb0, or .payload, reads out partition info to the screen, and dumps the uldr.bin, xip.bin, and imgfs.bin partitions. It should be compatible with any HTC ROM, and any other ROM that does not need to be run through nbsplit.

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FacebookIM (FIM) v2.2.8.3 (PPC Application)

FacebookIM or short FIM is a facebook chat client for Windows Mobile.


* fixed installer for wm 5

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PowerOptions v1.22 (PPC Application)

PowerOptions is a new software for HTC devices to easily soft reset, shut down, turn off backlight and put the device into standby mode all from one little application written in native C++.


– fixed a problem where standby, dim light, screen off wouldn’t work under certain circumstances

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iDialer v0.52 (PPC Application)

iDialer is a finger-friendly dial pad for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones.


Added D-Pad support and more intuitive design for switching dialer service.
Added better debugging for those still having trouble with Google Voice.

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Fuel Blaster v0.9.1 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Fuel Blaster is a fuel tracking tool. You will need .NET CF v3.5 and SQL Server CE v3.5 to use this program.


-Fix: Due to a bug in Visual Studio 2008 all Icon files were the same in the cab.

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PowerRadio v1.4.0.6 (PPC Application)

Power Radio is a FM player with RDS decoding.

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FEWidgets Ultimate v1.0b5.1 (PPC misc)

FEWidgets Ultimate is a Today Plugin for Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5 devices (WM 5 is not supported).


– Haptic feedback. When clicking on widget buttons you’ll feel a small vibration.
– Multiple Layouts/Pages support (up to 4).
– Multiple Windows for each page with 0 loading time.
– Fullscreen Mode.
– Support for Landscape/Portrait modes.
– Skinnable though XML files (or just modifying the images).
– Scriptable through javascript.
– Extensible though C++ plugins.
– Support for Acceleration/Light sensor on the engine. (not used right now by any Widget)

Implemented Widgets:
– Operator Name
– RSS Feed Reader
– Comming Appointments
– Tasks
– Contact widget
– Date widget
– Battery/Phone signal Strength indicator.
– S2P Player control.
– Analog Clock
– Diamond like Clock
– Background Image Changer
– Bluetooth State (Can turn on/off)
– Wi-Fi State (Can turn on/off)
– Quick Dial.
– Layout swapper.
– Locker (locks widget dragging)
– Calendar (when tapped will link to WindowsCalendar.lnk)
– Shortcuts Widget. This widget allows creating shortcuts to exe/lnk files. You can drop the widget as many times as you want.
– Missed Calls. Shows the number of missed calls. When double tapped will take you to the missed calls log.
– Unread SMS. Shows the number of unread SMSs.
– Unread Mail. Shows the number of unread Mail on all accounts.
– Sound Profile changer. Lets you switch between On/Vibrate/Off modes.
– Weather. Shows you the weather for today. Current temperature and forecasted Min/Max for today.
– SMS information. Once you drop this widget once, if you remove it, it’ll spawn automatically the next time you have an SMS message on the same possition you had placed it.
– Programs. Shows the contents of the Programs folder of the Start Menu on a kinetic scrolling list.


– [Fixed] The application will complain about click.wav and won’t load.

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