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DeviceUpdate v2.0.8.1 (PPC Application)

Device Update is an ‘appstore’ type application to automatically download and install from a list of selected applications.


* Added support for VGA devices.

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CommManger (14-02-2009) (PPC Application)

CommManger is an applet for VGA devices and still beta. More functionality to come.

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FingerMenu v1.10 (Beta) (PPC Application)

FingerMenu replaces the standard menu of windows mobile devices with a more finger-friendly one.


– back navigation with finger (right to left or d-pad left). This action on main menu cause fingermenu to minimize.
– d-pad & scroll wheel support (up/down to scroll, left to go back, right or enter to select)
– compatibility with .NET apps
– new option for disabling up/down button
– new service menu: disable fingermenu for x second (where x is configurable)
– bug fixes (transparency problem should be fixed now)

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DeviceUpdate v2.0.8.0 (PPC Application)

Device Update is an ‘appstore’ type application to automatically download and install from a list of selected applications.


* Added option to use Shell Installer (allows installing to SD card if cabs allow & workaround of WCELOAD errors)
* Added option to skip data transfer warning at beginning of app.
* Added logic to check if CAB Security policy is enabled, if so only use shell installer (WCELOAD will always fail if this is enabled)

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1Liner v0.5.1 (Beta) (PPC misc)

1Liner is an application that will serve the user one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people and Chuck Norris jokes.


– Online updater! Now you can update your joke files to get even more jokes!
– Changed some code to make it smoother.
– Updated HowTo page.

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MyGamerTag v1.2.0.0 (PPC Application)

MyGamerTag is an XBOX Live friends status application.


* Can run in background
* Auto refreshes GamerTags status, using configurable refresh interval
* Generates Windows Mobile Notifications when friends come online
* Notifications can be Enabled or Disabled
* Useability enhancements.

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Fennec (Milestone 1) (PPC Application)

Milestone 1 of Fennec is released. It’s an upcomming internet browser for Pocket PC’s.

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Manilla 2D Customizer v0.29.235 (PPC Application)

Manilla 2D Customizer (M2DC) is a tool to customize your Manilla 2D settings. You must have Manila 2D Installed in order to run this program.


– 2nd attmpt at fixing digital clock shift bug

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Scrobble v1.3 (PPC Game)

Scrobble is a game similar to the word game Scrabble. Scrobble runs best on VGA-resolution displays, but it should also work on QVGA and WVGA displays. Use your device’s d-pad to move the board around so you can see all of it.


– Fixed letter distribution issues (now includes the letter “Y”!)
– Modified CPU-Normal user a bit (a tad easier maybe).
– You can now use the Game->Options menu to choose what dictionary you would like to use. (Note that this still uses the English distribution of letters and scores).
– Minor fixes and changes.
– Support for automatic notification of updates via DeviceUpdate. I tried to support AppToDate as well but I’m waiting on some answers from their forum about a registry key that’s needed to make it work.

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G-Profile v0.4.2 (PPC Application)

With G-Profile you can define unlimited profiles which manage the state of your device (e.g volume, WiFi, Bluetooth, phone radio, 3G, …). You can set wether a profile should be only activated manually, at a certain time, when an appointment in your Pocket Outlook calendar occurs or you connect your device to AC power / a headset / a handsfree or via ActiveSync (Windows Mobile device center) to a computer.


[ADDED] Define multiple programs
[ADDED] Define multiple cell-ids
[ADDED] Toggle phone, wifi, bluetooth and 3G state
[FIXED] cycling through the profiles
[FIXED] some other bugs


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