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SNES Station (SNES emu for PS2)

Yeah… great news today! Finally there is a really damn good working SNES Emulator for PS2!

“SNES Station” is a port of SNES9x. The binary has been uploaded to the PS2/Emulators Section! Have fun…

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New PS2 Stuff! (PS2 misc)

Playstation II Additions
PS2 Invaders v1.5 by InPulSe Team
Sound Check by Vzzrzzn

So far the additions! I also changed the HTML Titles, they don’t contain the word “test-page” anymore 🙂

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New PS2 Game (PS2 misc)

Errm… well

PS2 Invadersfor Playstation 2 by InPulSe Team is up 🙂 Regarding a few people it should work fine with PCSX2 (early Playstation 2 Emulator for Windows)

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Playstation II Demos! (PS2 misc)

I had the time to add a handfull of Playstations II stuff. Those are 1 Game, 3 Demos and 1 Emulator! Have fun…

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