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vuta_flow (PS2 Demo)

vuta_flow is a PS2 demo which has been released at Breakpoint 2007.

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Simple Media System v2.0 Rev3 (PS2 Application)

A new version of the SMS for PS2 is out.

Changelog for Version 2.0 (Rev.3):
– fixed “short freeze” issue during back scrolling;
– fixed confusing GUI behavior during device hotplugging while in SMS menu;
– fixed corrupted video in some .avi files (QPel+AC3);
– presumably fixed freeze issue with .avi files while loading index;
– new VU IDCT microprogram (smaller and faster, so all VU microprograms are squeezed now in 4KB VU0 micro memory, leaving VU1 free for possible future usage (high quality colorspace conversion, for example :));
– fixed crash due to incorrectly formatted subtitles (error message is displayed instead) (Thanks to ‘gogydm’ for the sample file);
– fixed crash (in fact is “infinite loop”) due to very long lines in subtitles (such lines are just truncated now). Thanks to ‘rami1’ for the research/note;

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News Files! (PS2)

Playstation 2R-Eleven by NoRecessTravel by NippYVume Vuu by adresd

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The Third Creation PS2 Coding Competition Round 10 – Results (PS2 misc)

Another “Third Creation” coding competition has ended! Results and files are avaliable from it’s official page.

The entries:

Bunny Tetris by NoRecess Quickie by Adresd [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Torus by blackdroid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
tinyFire by wiRe [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Turos by Nippy [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Waves by Tyranid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]

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Third Creation Mini Demo Competition – Round 9 (PS2 misc)

Round 9 of the “Third Creation” coding competition for PS2 is over. You can grab all three releases (NewYear by Adresd, HappyNewYear2003 by NoRecess & Stench by Tyranid) if you follow the link below.

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PS2 Demo from TUM 2002 (PS2 misc)

I’ve been on the demoparty “TUM 2002” recently. We had a console competition with one entry for PS2 by WiRE/Napalm.

Unfortunatly I can’t remember the name. The results and downloads aren’t up yet, but you can throw an eye on the TUM homepage from time to time. The results should be up soon…

More Information could be found here:

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New Files! (PS2 misc)

Playstation 2
Metaballs by adresd
Lobotomia by NoRecess
Boredom 2 by Tyranid

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New PS2 Demos! ThirdCreation #7 has ended (PS2 misc)

The seventh “Third Creation” coding competition for Playstation 2 has ended. There were four entries in total:

* Terrain by Wire / Napalm
* Blend by Adresd
* Evolution by No Recess / Condense
* PS2 Flight by Gabriel DelaRosa

Deadline for Round 8 is the 1st December! The downloads for Round 7 are not yet avaliable from PDroms, so please get the files on it’s official place.

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Jum52 v0.7 (A5200 emu for PS2)

Jum updated his Atari 5200 emulator for Playstation 2. You can get the download from Jum’s page. A windows binary has been released too. The PS2 version will find it’s place in the PS2/Emulator section very soon.

[Update: File is now in it’s section]

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Some PS2 Demos (PS2 misc)

Playstation 2 Additions
J0 Mommaz by InPulse Team
Plasma Tunnel by Dreamtime
Round4 by adresd

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