BrewOtaku #001 – The Homebrew Gaming Magazine (misc)

BrewOtaku is out! If you are still into homebrew, kindly check this new magazine, available digitally and physical.

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PDRoms is dead

…but we continue at Retro Veteran!

It was just about time to move on… Kindly visit

This page will remain online for the sake of history!

See you at Retro Veteran!

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Mud Warriors (Game Boy Game)

Ryan’s Veeder’s Mud Warriors is a narrative adventure game with a focus on story and exploration.

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Shadow Gangs (Kickstarter) (Commercial) (Dreamcast Game)

Shadow Gangs is a Shinobi inspired Dreamcast Kickstarter Project, currently seeking for money. A mere of 10.000 UK Pounds is missing for now.

While the game is already available via Steam, certainly a Dreamcast release would have it’s very own charm. There is a public demo too, just go ahead and try it out. Let’s see if we sometime soon can enjoy some arcade Ninja style arcade action on our beloved Dreamcast.

Spread the word!

Shadow Gangs - Shinobi Inspired Dreamcast Kickstarter Project

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From Below v1.0 (NES Game)

From Below is a puzzle game for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Matt Hughson. It’s basically a copy of a famous russian block falling game, with a “Kraken” twist 🙂

Vs. From Below - Release Trailer

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Hungry Knight v2 (Game Boy Color Game)

Hungry Knight GBC is an unofficial free fan demake of Team Cherry’s Ludum Dare 27 entry, Hungry Knight.

Fight your way through a strange wasteland, keep yourself fed every ten seconds, and accomplish a miracle. Others may perish at your hand, but such is the remorselessness of this world.

A challenging action game. It’s hard, but you can do it! Be brave.

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4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards (Atari misc)
4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards is celebrating the best in new Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit Computer, and Atari Lynx homebrew games released in 2021! Voting is now open!VOTE on your favorite homebrew games in seventeen different categories. Voting closes on February 6th, so make sure you make your voice heard on your favorites!
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Affinity Sorrow (Trailer) (Sega Genesis Game)

Attention, Attention, Genesis lovers! Affinity Sorrow will be a brand new RPG for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The Kickstarter campaign will launch in three days!

Affinity Sorrow Official Trailer

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Overheated (WIP) (Dreamcast Game)

gameblabla ported pure awesomeness over to the Dreamcast. BrokenTestType‘s Overheated is now ready to be played on our beloved Dreamcast soon. Shoot, shoot and shoot even more. Finest 2D Top-Down shooter action.

Overheated (by BrokenTestType) for the Sega Dreamcast

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Encuentro no casual (Commercial) (Dreamcast Game)

Encuentro no casual (Non Casual Encounter) is a new visual novel for Sega Dreamcast. Actually it’s a commercial game limited to 100 pieces, so no free download, but hey, maybe it’s so appealing that you would even spend money for it.

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