Coin Adventure (GBA Game)

John Ward is back with a new amazing Jump’n’Run game called “Coin Adventure”. The game reminds me on Sonic, got very good graphics, nice tunes, but the gameplay is a bit worse. Visit for the download. [Now I’m really off to the demoparty :]

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More news and files! (misc)

First the new additions:

Gameboy Advance
Star-Shot v2 by Opus
Blod-Runner by Opus
Street Racing GBA by Krzysk
SplamSID v1.1 by Pete Dabbs
Happy Thanksgiving by CONATiON

Neo Geo Pocket Color
Maze v1.05 by Jeff Siebold

Nintendo 8-BIT (NES)
Sack Of Flour v1b by CMU NESdev Team
Sack Of Flour v1c by CMU NESdev Team

New routines for pdroms by Pancid (see previous post)!

  • This is the last update for the next days. During the weekend I’ll be on a .ch demoparty called “Geek Camp 2002”. I hope we’ll see some console demos there 🙂 In case you want to check the Geek Camp page, pleasehere.
  • A reminder… For all people interested in chatting about freeware roms and legal console development, you are welcome to join EFNET #pdroms 🙂
  • ***ANOTHER REMINDER*** At my sponsor (see banner on the top) you can get still 5$ discount on each order you place with this VOUCHER code: 101121222 🙂 The offer is still valid the whole month.
  • That’s it… I wish you all a nice weekend.


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    Page update! (misc)

    Heya! After a kind of summer break, I’ve added some features to the site again… However, here we go:

  • As you may have noticed, you don’t have to use your calculator anymore to know how much roms we’re hosting… it’s much easier now, just look under the system list 😉
  • The roms list shows a maximum of 50 roms per site now, because with more than a few hundred roms per system, loading the site took pretty long with a 56k modem.
  • Ok, that’s it so far! If you should notice any bugs in the new routines, please e-mail me at “pancid at pdroms dot de”.



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    Blod Runner (GBA Fame)

    Another “Opus” game is Blod Runner which is a kind of “Loderunner” clone. Please get the download from Opus’ page.

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    Star Shot v2 (GBA Game)

    Opus released a small mini shooter for GBA. You can get the download from his page.

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    Street Racing GBA (GBA Game)

    Krzysk wrote a small neat game for GBA. Drive your car, don’t crash into others and don’t miss the petrol packs 🙂 Get the download from

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    No news :( (misc)

    I’m still alive but there are no useable news these days. Seems homebrewn scene is on a kind of break.

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    Atari Lynx uploads! (Atari Lynx misc)

    Atari Lynx Additions

    Raycast (A Corridor) by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
    Sprite Demo 1 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
    Sprite Demo 2 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
    Sprite Demo 3 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
    Sprite Demo 4 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
    Sprite Demo 5 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
    The Dungeon v0.12 by Matthias Domin

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    SplamSID v1.1 (GBA Application)

    Splam!SID, the third public SID player for GBA, got an update recently. New in this version is a improved sound quality and lower noise. Thanks toGuyfawkes/gbaemu.comfor the news!

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    GameGizmo News! 5$ discount… (misc)

    Just got a small talk with someone at GameGizmo. As you know it’s my sponsor for the past 2 months. Today I was able to get a special thing for YOU 🙂 On every order you do, you’ll get 5$ discount! The only thing you’ve to do is, that you enter a VOUCHER code. But let’s explain in a hurry what you have to do to get a discount in case you order.

    Just go to and add your desired item to the shopping cart, then in the bottom of the shopping cart it has a section where it says VOUCHER and then an entry box. Simply put the voucher code into this box, click the recalculate button and you will see a $5.00 discount on the order price. Now simply go to checkout, very easy to complete and SAVE! The number will be active for the whole month “October”. Anything missing? 🙂 Okay well… here is the VOUCHER code: 101121222

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