Bomber Royale (GBA Game)

Another Epitech Console Laboratory release! “Bomber Royale” is a well done Bomberman clone. The graphics are really professional! Grab it, play it and judge 🙂 Download avaliable on the official page or pdroms (GBA/Game section).

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Bibibobo (Alpha) (GBA Game)

Epitech Console Laboratory recently released an early Alpha version of their game “Bibibobo”. It’s a mixture of Bomberman and Pacman. You play an old hermit who must grab eggs and avoid salamanders which are messing in his garden. The download is avaliable from ECL’s page or at pdroms in the GBA/Game section.

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Pacoman (Beta 2) (GBA Game)

Taiyou released the second beta of Pacoman (Pacman Clone for GBA) 2 days ago. The file is allready avaliable in the GBA/Game section. Here are detailed news taken from Taiyous homepage:

Taiyou Productions’ first game is Pacoman, in homage to the classic PAC-MAN by Namco (as Puckman in 1980). The goal of this project isn’t just creating a game from scratch, also making it to be more close to the original game’s spirit. There will be some differences from Namco’s one of course, but Taiyou Productions is trying to respect Namco’s original work. Of course Taiyou Productions will not earn a cent from this project, our only goal is to learn and improve our programming, making something fun to play at the same time. Pacoman is now in its second public version: BETA B 20021003, compiled October 3rd, 2002. We have reached to a point when the entire game is playable (including 5 levels! with increasing difficult!). Now you can save your own hi-scores too! The only thing that this version lacks from the final version is the sound.

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New file uploads! (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Attack On Outer Space by Josh Chudnovsky
Bibibobo (Alpha Version) by Epitech Console Laboratory
Blob v1.0 by Jean-Francois Deverge
Bomber Royale by Epitech Console Laboratory
Pacoman (Beta 2002-10-03) by Taiyou
Scrolling Text by Taiyou
Sonyc by Manuel Pazos (Thanks to BBS for the file!)
SplamSID v1.0 by Pete Dabbs

Gameboy Color
Elemental Fighter (5-17) by Skyrank Games
PaZeek GBC by Skyrank Games
Puzzle Sky by Par J. (Thanks to the author for sending the file)
Rumble and Tumble EARLY BETA (5-17) by Skyrank Games
Turbo RC Racing by Skyrank Games

Playstation 2
242 by adresd
Flatline by TyRaNiD
Mona Lisa by NoRecess

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ZXA v0.9.0 (Spectrum emu for GBA)

A new version of ZXA arrived 🙂 The following lines were taken from the official homepage!

Well, it’s been a while since I released a new version of ZXA, and even longer since I updated the site, so I figured that I’d kill two birds with one stone…This is the last working build that I had before I started to add menu support in earnest. It’s far from complete, but I believe it’s highly compatible, and extemely fast. Things to note about this build are:

1. There is only support for SNA. Use something like ZX32 to convert from Z80, TAP or TZX formats.
2. The injector supports multi roms, but ZXA will NOT let you switch to them.
3. The menus are partly implemented but NOT working. They are accessed by pressing START and SELECT together. Once activated there is currently NO way of returning back to the ROM, so do NOT attempt to access the menus mid game.
4. R-Register defaults can’t be changed, so some games will exhibit less than random behaviour.
5. You can’t currently change where the injector creates the ROM. It currently gets dumped in the root of drive C:Speed is pretty darn good. In my tests thisbuild performs much better than Foon when running more CPU intensive games. Note however, that games that require little CPU overhead are speed throttled, and will NOT run faster than they should.

I’ve also put the guestbook back up. Please leave any comments (good or bad) there. Anyone wanting to submit bug reports can do so to Expect regular updates now. Multi ROM support and working menus are coming next! 😉

Have fun,
[ – The HiVE -]

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Blob v1.0 (GBA Techdemo)

Jean-Franois Deverge send a new demo to! Get further information from there.

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Euchre (A2600 Game)

News were shameless stolen from 🙂

Erik Eid has released a Release Candidate version of his upcoming Atari 2600 card game Euchre. Changes in this version include bug fixes in the evaluation of the computer players’ hands, PAL color changes, and improvements in the computer’s gameplay. This release will become the final version unless more bugs are found before Friday, October 4th. You can download Euchre, read the documentation and browse the source code at Erik’s Euchre Development Page. You can also leave feedback for Erik at the Atari Age’s Atari 2600 Forum

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Attack… On Outer Space! (GBA Game)

The guys at posted a new homebrewn Game. Get the download from there. I’ll upload the file soon. So far so good…

SimonB wrotes:

Attack… On Outer Space! is a nice space shooter made by
Programmer: Josh Chudnovsky, Chud575 on #gbadev, chud575[at]
Artist: Danil, Lord Danil, lorddanil[at] (he speaks good english if you want to email him)
Music from: GBA MusicWave, courtesy of Sergej Kravcenko

You fly a spaceship and shoot enemies that come flying towards youand you get different power up’s etc. nice music and sound effects.source code is included.

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Need a little break :-[ (misc)

… I’m not going into detail. I just want to let you know that I’ve a few problems which have to be solved! Until the situation is not clear, I’ve to tell you that I CAN NOT DO ANY UPDATES FOR THE NEXT DAYS NOR CAN I ANSWER ON ANY E-MAIL.

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Splam!SID v1.0 (GBA Application)

It seems coders get horny when they hear SID 🙂 Splam!SID is the third (afaik) SID player for GBA. Get more information on it’s official page.

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