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Message to the Cybiko guys and enthusiasts (Cybiko misc)

I’ve wrote an email to the guys at Cybiko, who are now into mobile game development, about two weeks ago.

The original Cybiko page had more than 400 Freeware games hosted and I thought it would be a shame to not save them for the future, as the official page is down.

Unfortunatly no one replied so far, which makes me a bit sad – So if anyone is having the entire Cybiko Freeware collection as it has been published on it’s former official page, please feel free to contact Kojote!

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Tower Defense v0.3 (Cybiko Game)

This game is a clone of the VectorTD game David Scott. The aim is to stop the enemy from reaching the exit by placing towers/turrets on the maps. You lose a life every time an enemy reaches the exit. If the enemy reaches the exit, they begin again from the start.

There are 8 levels, each time you complete a level you get 3% interest on your current funds. You also get money for each enemy you destroy. This will allow you to buy better weapons to defend with.

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Voyager Web Browser v0.1 (Cybiko Application)

This is a test program that can view html pages that are sent via the serial port. It is a combination of the html renderer from StormPlayer and the serial handling from Serial Loader. Because of this, the included source is a little untidy due to heavy copying and pasting to get it working!

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Chuckie Egg v0.1 (Cybiko Game)

This game is based on the classic Chuckie Egg game originally by A&F Software. The aim of the game is to collect all of the eggs on each level whilst avoiding the swans. This game is a work in progress with only 2 levels and is missing a lot of features

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CySudoku (Cybiko Game)

CySudoku is a Sudoku for Cybiko-Devices. You can download it from this release thread at

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