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SMSPLUS (Beta) (Master System emu for Dingoo)

Reesy has ported the Master System / Game Gear emulator SMSPLUS to Dingoo native!

Release notes:


I’ve taken SMSSDL and ported to the native dingoo firmware using flatmush’s superb SDK.

Its only a beta so there is no menu yet, just a sim which plays SMS or GG games fullscreen with the sound on. I’ll add a menu later which will allow you to tinker with the settings and manage your save states etc.

Download from the link below.


Source code is contained in the file above for those of you who are interested.

The rest of you just need to take the smsplus.sim file and put it into the GAME folder on your Dingoo and then update your jukebox.

NOTE: You’ll need to remove any existing SMS/GG emulator you have in the GAME folder as I have no idea what the Dingoo firmware will do if it finds 2 SIM files which support the same file extensions.



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Tower Toppler (Preview 2) (Dingoo Game Port)

Tower Toppler is a game where you have to help a cute little green animal switch off some kind of “evil” mechanism. The “power off switch” is hidden somewhere in high towers. On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard the tower.

Thanks to http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoonity-news/tower-toppler-sdl-preview-2/ for the news.


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EDuke32 (Release 3) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

zear updated EDuke32 for Dingux.

EDuke32 is a port of the classic 3D Realms game Duke Nukem 3D (or Duke3D for short) to Windows, Linux and OSX. EDuke32 adds many new convenient features and modernizations for casual players and many editing features and scripting extensions for mod authors.


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Mindless v1.0.0 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Mindless is a simple “MasterMind” like game which you can play in human vs. human, human vs. computer or computer vs. computer mode. The goal of the game is to crack a secret code consisting of four balls which can each be one of eight colors. The players takes turn guess (or do it simultaneously) and the first one to guess his/her code has won. If both players takes the same number of turns to get the code correct then both has won.

For your help when guess you will for each (incorrect) answer see a combination of one or more black tokens and one or more white tokens on the right side of your last answer. Each black token means that one of your balls is both of the correct color and location, but you don’t know which one, and each white token means that one of your balls is of the correct color but wrong location.


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Black-Box v1.4.8 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

What is Black-Box? There’s a black box. You can shoot in and watch, where the shot leaves the box. In the box, crystals are reflecting the shots. You have to guess where the crystals are hidden, by watching your shots.


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NuclearChess v1.0.0 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

NuclearChess is a chess variant. Whenever a piece is captured, both pieces and all pieces on neighbour fields die. Games are short and fun even for people who usually don’t play chess.


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Commander Genius (CGenius) (r2) (Dingoo Linux misc Port)

Commander Genius aka CloneKeenPlus is an engine which interprets Commander Keen 1-3 (Vorticons Series). As fans and developers we try to implement new features, improve the game play and give the feeling, you are playing the original game. Obviously you need the game data of the games to play it. Commander Keen 1 is shareware and free to be downloaded. Episode 2 and 3 are registered versions which can be purchased by 3D Realms or Apogee, or bought by someone else. If you still have the old games of the registered version, then give it a try. You will be surprised, how well they will look!


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Spartak Chess (Revision 34) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Spartak Chess is a Chess based on Stockfish v1.8 engine.


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Brick Out (28-10-2010) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

“Brick Out” is based on the classic arcade game “Breakout”. The objective is to clear a screen of bricks by bouncing a ball against

them. You use a paddle to bounce the ball, and keep it on the screen.


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Color Lines v0.5 (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Color Lines is a realization of classic puzzle board game written specially for MAEMO from scratch. It has a colorful smooth graphics, sounds and tune plus four kind of bonuses.


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