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PIE320 v0.1c (Arcade emu for Dingoo)

PIE320 (for now) emulates the arcade “Namco Pacman”. The arcade rom for this game does NOT come with the package.


Added Pie320Mspacman.app and Pie320PacmanMidway.app, so you can play all the roms that original PIE emulates. More speed.


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szSokuban760 (Dingoo Game)

szSokuban760 by Subzero Studio’s is a Dingoo compatible homebrew game.


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Unofficial Chinese Dingoo Blog (Dingoo misc)

For all of our visitors who are able to understand chinese and love the Dingoo, linked below a Dingoo blog in your native language using “traditional chinese”.


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C99 Hello World Sample without S2SSDK (Dingoo misc)

This sample shows you how to compile C programs which directly access the frame-buffer and controls, so that you don’t have to use the S2DSDK. This gives you full control of the machine so be careful!


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Dingoo File Archive (Dingoo misc)

The Dingoo Scene has their very own file archive now. Of course we at PDRoms also do have our file archive for Dingoo, this makes two excellent ressource places.


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MineSweeper v1.10 (Dingoo Game)

MineSweeper game for Dingoo A-320.

The controls are:

– The D-Pad moves the cursor.
– A uncovers a tile.
– B marks a tile.
– Select takes a screenshot.
– Start exits.


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Forumula 1 (17-05-2009) (Dingoo Game)

Formula 1 is just a very small and simple game like those old Game & Watch games. You’ll have a formula 1 car at your disposal and you’ll need to pass other Formula 1 cars comming to you without crashing into them. It starts of as an easy game but gradually becomes harder since the speed of the other Formula 1 cars increases.


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Rubido (Final) (Dingoo Game)

Aim of the game depends on the difficulty you selected but all difficulties have the same rules being basicly you select a peg, it will turn blue then select an empty spot. Between the empty spot and the peg you selected should be another peg so that the initally selected peg will jump over the “middle” peg and will be removed.

Depending on the difficulty you either have to end in the middle of the board with one peg left or on any location (also with one peg left). And you can “jump over pegs” diagonally, but that’s explained ingame as well on the difficulty select screen.


– Changed the button layout
– Added volume controls.
– Volume settings are saved.
– Best pegs left per difficulty are saved.


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PIE320 v0.1b (Arcade emu for Dingoo)

PIE320 (for now) emulates the arcade “Namco Pacman”. The arcade rom for this game does NOT come with the package.


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Wiz vs Dingoo (Dingoo misc)

Craig has posted an interesting video on YouTube -Wiz vs. Dingoo A-320!

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.


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