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Colour Soduku (14-04-2009) (Dingoo Game)

Bingo83 found a version of Colour Soduku which works with the Dingoo A320.


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TXT-Reader (14-04-2009) (Dingoo Application)

TXT-Reader is a text reading application for Dingoo devices.


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PC Engine Emulator (WIP) (PCE emu for Dingoo)

Bingo83 at the A320 free forums has found a “native” Dingoo PCEngine Emulator. Read on at Gadgetmiser’s post here: http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com/2009/04/dingoo-pc-engine-emulator.html


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Centipede and Millipede Emulator v0.1 (Arcade emu for Dingoo)

Seagal updated his a Centipede and Millipede emulator for the Gemei / Dingoo.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mt5tqrzohjd

Thanks to Dingoo-Scene for the news!


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TeamDingoo Custom Firmware v1.03TD-2 (Dingoo OS)

TeamDingoo updated their customized Dingoo Firmware!

Please keep in mind updating or flashing your current firmware might end into a brick, if the batteries are empty in the wrong moment!


* BUG : Unable to play SWF files http://dingoo-digital.com/forums/support-area/bug-unable-play-swf-files
* Moved /system/code back to default hidden memory locatio as the software is trying to launch the flash player from there.
* Changed partly translated flashing tool with a fully translated one.

Thanks to Dingoo-Scene for the news.


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TeamDingoo Custom Firmware v1.03TD-1 (Dingoo OS)

Here comes the first customized Dingoo Firmware from TeamDingoo! Please keep in mind updating or flashing your current firmware might end into a brick, if the batteries are empty in the wrong moment!

What is different to the OFW?

* Moved system files from hidden memory to visible memory location /system/font + /system/res/system/code
* Possibility to add or change custom themes (all visuals customizable)
* Fonts can be changed or added

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.


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Dingoo or not Dingoo (Dingoo misc)

The Dingoo A-320 seems to be sold as “Chinavision CVFH-N03-4G” as well.

Hopefully this device won’t be another electronic toy which will be known under hundret names for the equal thing 🙂


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Dingoo SDK (Dingoo misc)

A600, a well known spanish homebrew developer, has set up a page to obtain the Dingoo SDK.

Here are more details from http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com/

A600 (who wrote the Dingoo overclocking app) at the GP32x forums has confirmed that you can get a Dingoo SDK here: http://x11.gp2x.de/a320

Err, and for those of you who know what you’re doing, there’s this stuff, also courtesy of A600:

I”m uploading all the Ingenic FTP stuff (minus the linux part) to megaupload for those interested.

The full jz_mxu.h:

EDIT: Megaupload link (400 MB)

The linux part:


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The Dingoo and GBAX.com (Dingoo misc)

Craig/GBAX is obviously trying to put his power into developing a homebrew scene for the Dingoo device.

Here is a minore quote:

The A320 is a cool little mini open handheld which is
especially good for emulating classic systems such as GBA,
NES, Neo-Geo, CPS, Sega etc.

It can be thought of as a faster, smaller GP2X, the manufacturer is hoping it will have a similar following.

We are working on getting MAME, Amiga and Atari working, together with setting up a developing scene for this device.

This sounds too nice to be true. PDRoms also tried to get in touch with the people behind the Dingoo A320. The marketing manager Peter does not speak english well and the english responsible corresponding lady Sofia is a bit slow in answering things. Once again it seems to be more than hard to get in touch with a company, which probably does not know anything about homebrew at all.


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Dingoo Wallpapers (Dingoo misc)

Usually we are not the type of site writing about skins or wallpapers, but this Wallpaper shown below by Action Man is really worth having. It will fit perfectly as background for your Dingoo.

Thanks to http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com/ for the hint!


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