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Squishy the Turtle (MAGFest 2018) (GB Game)

Squishy the Turtle by cppchriscpp is a puzzle game written for the Nintendo Gameboy. It was originally created in 48 hours for Lundum Dare #34 and updated for MAGFest 2018. You play as a turtle, who must collect his eggs while avoiding the spiders and crabs covering the landscape.

Squishy has a special power – he is able to grow and shrink at will. Some places will only be accessible by Squishy in either form. The rivers are infested with piranhas, so squishy must be big when crossing them to avoid piranha bites. Likewise, there are tiny spaces (like portals) that the big, slow form of Squishy cannot fit through. Spiders are also afraid of the big squishy, but crabs seek after him for food. Can you collect all of the eggs and get to safety?

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Retr0 GB v2018.02.02 (GB misc)

Retr0 GB is a game engine using C and GBDK to make Gameboy game development a lot easier with a ready to use architecture. Retr0 GB is distributed under zlib license.

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Mona and the Witchs Hat v2018.02.14 (GB Game)

Mona and the Witch’s Hat is a homebrew game by Thomas Neptune and Sergeeo made for the original Game Boy. You play as Mona, a mischievous cat that gains magical powers when her owner’s witch hat falls on her head. It features four levels, and can be completed in about 20 minutes.


What a peaceful day! As the sun sets and the moon begins to shine its light over the village, a young witch finishes her busy day of potion making by hanging her hat and going to bed. Her cat, Mona, doesn’t want to go to bed though. She’s more interested in the treats the Witch left out! But things don’t go as planned when the Witch’s hat falls on Mona’s head and everything comes to life. Now she has to turn everything back to normal!

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Making of Sheep It Up! (GB misc)

Dr. Ludos wrote a making of article about his Game Boy game Sheep It Up!

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ten pest. v2017.12.28 (GB Game)

Chris Read, aka atari2600land, works on a new Game Boy game called ten pest.. It’s a shooting game where you’re in space and shoot different UFOs coming at you. You’re on a fixed Y axis, but you can move around the X axis by pressing left or right. Pressing up and down changes the position the ship is facing. The aliens come from the bottom or top and move towards the center. The object is to not make them reach the center of the screen. Also, some UFOs shoot at you, so if you get hit by a laser, the game can end that way too.

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Background Scroller (GB misc)

Background Scroller is homebrew software for the Nintendo Game Boy developed in C by Ryoga (a.k.a. jduranmaster) using GBDK (GameBoy Development Kit). The controls are the following: LEFT & RIGTH – to move in the X axis of the background.

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Temple Of Vel-Cro v1.0.0 (GB Game)

Temple Of Vel-Cro is a Game Boy game by infected_bytes.

This is the story about the Irish sheep Sticky Hooves. He and his girlfriend Marry came to America to live their dreams!
They’ve spent all their money to start a new and better live, but unfortunately Marry got sick and because of the bad health care system, they can’t afford the treatment. Of course there was only one way to pay their debt… Since Sticky once was an archaeologist, he travelled to ancient Mayan temples in order to find their treasures and to pay his debt!

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Cute Demo v2018.01.08 (GBC Demo)

Cute Demo is a “cute” demo for Gameboy Color by Mills. The demo is compiled in GBDK, but it also has custom assembly functions for the ones not working fast in GBDK.

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Gesua Hilfe (GBC Game)

Gesua Hilfe is a tiny Game Boy Color game by colorful_courier. You are Gesusa! A 19th century blessed soul with the power to heal lepers with one small touch. Help the lepers flooding to the Hansen house and save them.

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Blossom (GBC misc)

colorful_courier presents a meditative ROM for the season of Blossom for Gameboy Color.

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