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TI83 Emulator v0.00 (TI-83 emu for GBA)

Dwedit has started to code a Texas Instruments TI-83 emulator. It’s in very very early stages.

Author notes:

How to use:
* First append a TI83 rom image to the end of the .gba file, using something like copy /b ti83emu.gba + ti83.rom ti83emu_rom.gba
SELECT: Toggle keyboard overlay
Keys (keyboard visible)
* Arrows: Move cursor
* (right now cursor is not displayed over arrow keys, just move it away a few times)
* A: Press that key
* B: Quick Keys
* Start: ENTER
* L: Alpha
* R: 2nd
Quick Keys: (Hold down B while keyboard visible)
* Arrow Keys: Arrow Keys
* (other keys same as keyboard visible)
Fullscreen Keys:
* Arrows: Arrows
* A: 2nd
* B: Alpha

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Powder (24-06-2007) (GBA Game)

POWDER is a roguelike developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). It is not a port of an existing roguelike as the controls of the GBA are very different from the traditional keyboard, and the screen imposes some additional limitations. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. It uses actual graphic tiles (16×16) rather than the traditional characters.

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GBAccelerometer Game Contest (GBA misc)

Theme: GBAccelerometer Games and Demos
Final Submissions: 07/08/31 (August 31st)

More information on the contest page! Good Luck!

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Talisman (GBA Game)

Travel through magical lands in search of the mystical talisman on a quest to vanquish the Dragon King and restore peace to the land. A conversion of the third edition of the amazingly detailed fantasy quest game developed by Bob Harris and produced by Games Workshop, complete with the original three expansion realms and characters. This Nintendo GBA and DS compatible version (PC compatible via VisualBoy Emulator) includes hardware save and the ability to play with up to three computer controlled players, allowing you to take the excitment of Talisman just about anywhere. A unique solo play reward feature offers unlockables, including past edition artwork and additional expansion characters originally appearing in White Dwarf magazine. Remaining issues include Player vs. Player combat, card text gfx, and some card specfic bug fixes.

Thanks to for the news.

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BulletGBA v5.0 (GBA misc)

BulletGBA is Bullet Hell Simulator and Bullet Hell Shmups for GAMEBOY ADVANCE.

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Spr2Vox (GBA misc)

Spr2Vox turns a bitmap/sprite into a voxel model that can rotate in 3D.

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MarioBreak (GBA Game)

Although MarioBreak! is a breakout clone, it has alot of cool new gameplay.For example, if the ball hits the floor. The floor will sink, each floor tile can be hit 3 times before it completely sinks into the lava. Mario , ofcourse, can’t stand on the lava so that makes it quite hard. Luckily there are enough powerups for Mario to collect (such as a mushroom which restores the floor tiles). Also if mario collects coins, he can fire a canon with the A-button. The canon will take 1 row out. The more coins you collect the higher the canon will go. The game features multiple levels.

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SFCave (GBA Game)

You try to fly down a narrowing tunnel. Pressing any button makes you rise, doing nothing makes you fall. The game is almost finished but does not have a title screen or highscore list yet.

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Voxelworm (GBA Techdemo)

Dag Agren released a one effect demo, showing a voxel effect.

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The Old Well (GBA Game)

The Old Well is a puzzle game for GBA by Dan & Anders Hansson.

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