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Status Update on OS and Drivers (GCWZ misc)

Fresh from the GCW Zero Kickstarter page, CEO Justin Barwick writes about the current status update:


We are diligently working on implementing mini HDMI/Analog TV out to the console currently and it looks like we will have Analog TV out very soon. So keep your eyes out for a demonstration in the coming weeks of TV out function.

We are also working on the Open GL implementation we have a team of three dedicated developers working on it right now the driver is closed source but our hope is to very soon have an open source driver.

We are also working on USB 2.0 OTG but that is slow going. If you are a developer and interested in helping out the cause and have driver development experience in either USB or OpenGL, We could definitely use the assistance to implement these two features a lot quicker. If you are interested please contact me @ GCW@GCW-Zero.com

Once we achieve these three goals we will be comparable to the GAMESTICK only our console will be portable and playable on the go versus having to have a TV to use the device we believe that’s one advantage of our device over most on the market right now.


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GCW Zero Hardware Upgrade (GCWZ misc)

The GCW Zero guys updated their hardware specs! RAM and internal memory are doubled up now! RAM is now 512MB (instead of 256MB) and the internal memory 16GB instead of 8GB. This makes the whole thing a lot more attractive! The best is, the hardware upgrade wont influence pricing at all!

Support this project, while you still can!


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Rise of the Triad (ROTT) GCW Zero Video (GCWZ misc)

Rise of the Triad is a high quality, fast scrolling first-person perspective 3D action game. It includes a lot of destructive enemies, an arsenal of weapons from simple pistols to missile launchers, life-preserving armor, traps and ambushes galore.

JohnnyOnFlame got ROTT ported to the GCW Zero (not yet in the public) and presents a video of it!

After A Very Long Wait I Present To You ROTT
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Interview with Justin Barwick CEO of GCW (GCWZ misc)

The main brain behind the GCW Zero, Justin Barwick, got interviewed by Super Long Name. It might answer the one or other question you always had on your lips!

The Kickstarter campaign for the GCW Zero is still running for few more days!


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Unnamed Monkey Game GCW Zero Video (GCWZ misc)

Nick Nillo talks about indie games on the GCW Zero and presents the upcoming commercial game Unnamed Monkey Game.

Watch this video on YouTube.


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PocketSNES Presentation (GCWZ misc)

Nick Nillo is one of the very few owners of a GCW Zero prototype and presents us a small video of Super Nintendo emulation in action.

Watch this video on YouTube.


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GCW Zero Kickstarter Campaign (misc)

Kickstarter campaigns are nothing special these days as crowdfunding has become quite popular. It is the only possibility for projects such as the GCW Zero to get a larger audience and become somewhat popular. The GCW Zero is a handheld which runs OpenDingux and can probably be seen as unofficial successor of the Chinese Dingoo gaming devices.

Forty working prototypes are existing. These were sent to well reputed developers around the globe to start the first software ports. Game creators such as Retroguru (Giana’s Return, Sqrxz Series) have jump the boat and want to support this new system.

Now it’s up to you, seeing this handheld in commercial industry production! Sneak over to the Kickstarter page and check out the specs!


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The DragonBox Coding Competition 2012 (misc)

Michael Mrozek, aka EvilDragon, has come up with The DragonBox Coding Competition for the following consoles and handhelds: Pandora, GCW Zero, Caanoo and/or Wiz!

If you decide to make your game open-source at the very end, you’ll have a tiny kickstart! Just go ahead and check the rules. The competition runs until 15th February 2013!


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