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Bleentoro v1.02a (Android Game)

Bleentoro is a puzzle game for Android by Yiotro. This game is adfree and has no ingame purchases!


– Added ‘Tasks’ mode in sandbox.
– Redrawn some textures for colorblind players.
– First few levels on ‘easy’ difficulty are now unlocked by default, so you can just skip tutorials if you want.
– Bug fixes.

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Bomb The Pentominos v1.14.7 (Android Game)

Bomb The Pentominos is an Android puzzle game by Belldin Games. The game itself is ad-supported.

The goal of the game is to fit the Pentominos and Tetrominos in a way that they make full rows, which when is full, will be deleted and gives space for more pieces. Full rows also is the only way of scoring in the game.

The challenge is that the game also will go faster after some time and also after each 10 filled rows, which makes it real hard to survive at some speed. The way of scoring big is to build holes for one single piece that makes 4 full rows, but waiting for the right piece to make that gasp filled, may also fill up the board quick.

Game ends when there isn’t place for more pieces.


Some gameplay balancing. Now its a little harder to survive. 🙂

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Sindibad v1.0.23 (Android Game)

Sindibad is a new platform puzzle game by Oasis Pixel. Help Sindibad to solve his financial situation. Luckily you just found a dungeon with treasures, but to open the chest you need all keys. While collecting the keys make sure you don’t die. Sounds easy, as usual, but can be very tricky at times.

Sindibad 8Bit Official Trailer

Watch this video on YouTube.


– no changelog

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Trial And Terror v1.0.2 (Android Game)

Trial And Terror by Stargazer Studios for Android is an abstract minimalist hardcore 2D action puzzle game, which is adfree!


* Fixed levels that were impossible to complete.

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Trolli Pinball v1.2.0 (Android Game)

Trolli Pinball is a pinball game with cult potential, allowing users in search of more than a classic pinball machine to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Level one’s Halloween World sees the introduction of the “Glotzer,” (Pop Eye) a horrifying fruit gum which – in place of a regular pinball – floats through a seemingly infinite area full of exciting detail and spectacular effects. Gathering enough “Dracula-Zähne, (Dracula teeth) “Fledermäuse,” (Bats) “Trolli-Burger” or “Saure Glühwürmchen” (Sour Glowworms) will help to ring the Trolli alarm and reach new high scores at breakneck speed. A game of gruesome fun leaving users hungry for more!


Football fever has broken out! That’s why you’re getting a new level in the Trolli Pinball world today. Shoot the football through the colorful Trolli football stadium and score as many goals as possible. You will not only earn points, but also delicious fruit gum and marshmallow.

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Abyssal v1.0.2 (Android Game)

Abyssal is a free, but ad-supported, Android game by Mareinsula.

Descend into the depths by dodging the reefs and collecting everything you can from the bottom of the sea. The reefs are full of cans, bottles you must collect while dive and moving to the sides to avoid crash, damage them and lost signal. The deeper the faster the submarine goes, so it will not be an easy task, good luck!

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Spout v1.2 (Android Game Port)

Spout is a small, abstract shooting game from Japanese developer kuni. EXL‘s port of Spout for Android uses rendering the video context of the game to textures, which are displayed using OpenGL ES. There are added touch control and some game engine improvements.

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AstroSmash v1.2 (Android Game Port)

EXL ported AstroSmash from Java ME (J2ME) MIDlet to Android using SurfaceView Canvas drawing. He added touch controls and game engine improvements. A JAVA decompiler has been used to understand the game logic and guarantee original game behavior.

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Snooder 21 v1.2 (Android Game)

Snooder 21 by EXL is remake of very popular Motorola’s standard card game: Snood™ 21 for Android. It’s a card game.

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Ken’s Labyrinth v1.2 (Android Game Port)

Ken’s Labyrinth is a first-person shooter DOS game, released in 1993 by Epic MegaGames (now called Epic Games). It was mostly coded by Ken Silverman, who went on to design the Build engine that was used for rendering a first-person viewpoint in Apogee Software’s Duke Nukem 3D. It consists of three episodes, the first of which was released as shareware. [Text from Wikipedia]

This is EXL‘s port of Ken’s Labyrinth for Android using SDL2 library and rendering the video context of the game with using OpenGL ES. Added touch controls along with minor game engine improvements.

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