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GP32 Revival Coding Compo (GP32 misc)

In an effort to bring back some life into the GP32 scene, diabol of #gp32dev fame presents you the GP32 Revival Coding Compo!

– The compo starts Monday, January 7th, 2008 and ends 2 weeks after 20 people submitted their entries.
– You can use whatever programming language/toolkit you like (for example: Fenix, VNS…)
– You can enter as many entries as you like, but you’ll only be eligible for one prize
– Any kind of entry is allowed (ports, games, emulators, apps, libs…)
– Adding source code to the submission will get you bonus points.

Your submission should include docs, screenshots of title screen and ingame screen, and, if you choose to do so, the source.

Judges are diabol, donskeeto, mr_spiv and squidge.

First Prize: 1 GP32 BLU+
Second Prize: 1 Wonderswan Color
Third Prize: 1 C64g

You can DIGG the story here:

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Flood It v0.1 (GP32 Game)

Petiso has released a new GP32 game. It’s the first GP32 homebrew release after weeks and the first GP32 homebrew release in 2008.

You need to flood the board with certain colors in the least movements possible.

Thanks to for the news. Original download location is here: – It needs you to be registered at GP32spain. If you don’t want to register you can grab the file from the PDRoms archive.

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devkitARM r21 (GP32 misc)

The coding toolchain devkitARM has seen a new update!


Upgraded to gcc 4.1.2
Added gdb by popular request
Now including libraries for ARM big-endian devices – this relates to a request from the winARM maintainers, not DS related.
Newlib patches extended to allow time() to work on the DS
argv has been added – this will require support from the homebrew launcher menu on various cards
ndstool now uses the default arm7 core distributed with libnds in preference to an embedded one
Now working on Vista/Vista64 – users who were impatient and modified paths should now remove those changes

For DS, GBA and GP32 you require devkitARM. There is a mailing list for support issues and general development discussion at

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LittleGPTracker v0.52a (GP32 Application)

LittleGPTracker (a.k.a ‘The piggy’) is a music tracker dedicated to run on portable game consoles. It is currently running on Game Park’s GP32, GP2x and there’s a windows version for wusses too.

It implements the user interface of littlesounddj, a very famous tracker for the Gameboy platform that has been tried and tested by many users over the years, leading to a little complex but yet extremely efficent way of working.


* MAC OSX is now officially supported
* New filter options (continuous LPF->HPF transition,
filter distortion)
* Instrument downsampling parameter
* New commands:
PAN to control panning
FCUT to control filter cut slides
FRES to control filter resonance slides
* Better optimization of instrument rendering
* Extended chains to 0xFF
* Better handling of song selection screen

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XRoar v0.19 (Dragon and Tandy Coco emu for GP32)

XRoar is a Dragon and Tandy CoCo emulator.


* More WD279x commands implemented.
* Fixed 16-byte video mode rendering.
* Fixed Delta drive select bug.
* Better compatibility with old snapshots.
* Performance improvements in OpenGL driver.
* Writes supported to DMK format disk images.

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Xump 3D (GP32 Game)

XUMP is a puzzle game where you have to remove all the blue squares from the board by walking on them. There are some special tiles like teleporters, one way tiles…

This is a remake of an existing 2D game from PSILOCYBIN DEVELOPMENT, completly rewritten in a 3D environment with a new gameplay for a totally new experience in 16 levels.

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GP32 3D Lib Test (GP32 misc)

Release notes:

03/14/06 : GP32 3D lib test : Some tests of the current version of my 3D lib (with or without zbuffer, cell/flat or gouraud shading). Use stick to move/animate the model, A to reset.

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gP32oPie (Pre-Alpha 2) (GP32 misc)

gP32oPie is a Linux version for the GP32.


  • 1) Kernel update (recent Kernel 2.4 in GP32LINUX micro2) – I tried Kernel 2.6, but boot failed.
  • 2) Edit ‘start’ file
  • 3) And small changes 🙂
  • Read readme.txt for more information.,0,0,0,18,986

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    Atomic (Beta 2) (GP32 Game Port)

    Logann has updated his port of kAtomic for the GP32.

    Changes according to ilarri:

  • all levels work now (not 100% sure)
  • no more resets (maybe)
  • atoms with the correct sprite
  • level selector
  • movements counter (it will be saved if you want)
  • and many more

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    GP32 S.E.U.C.K. (03-01-2006) (GP32 misc)

    GP32 S.E.U.C.K. by wubby (the wub) is a (S)hoot (E)m (U)p (C)onstruction (K)it for the GP32. When it’s fully finished it will allow you to create your own shooter games without coding skills.

    Release notes:

    Managed to work through the new year hangover and get some work done on the seuck. There are quite a few new sprite options for the player and it all seems to work. There’s a simple demo file to demonstrate some of this but I haven’t had time to put anything decent together. I need a few more options for the title screen and some sound and then it will be pretty cool,0,0,0,30,730

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