Game Boy (Color) News
Shinke (GB Demo)

At the recently held TUM Demoparty in Karlsruhe/Durlach, the finish group Jumalauta have released a CLASSIC (DMG) Gameboy Demo!

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New Gameboy Demo-Archive (GB misc)

Covering demos released for classic or color Gameboy with screenshots, credits and more! Thanks to dalton for the news.

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Mental Respirator (GBC Demo)

Mental Respirator is a very well done Gameboy Color demo by Phantasy. A must see!

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Gameboy Sachen 4 in 1 (GB misc)

Well not really PD/Freeware stuff right now, but this morning I thought about writing the responsible person of this company if they are willing to release their old Gameboy stuff, which they probably don’t use in a commercial way anymore, to the public domain pool. The mail has been just sent and did not bounce back 🙂 I will keep you people informed and if the Sachen guys like my idea (I won’t go into deatail here) we have a couple of more freeware games for the Gameboy soon 🙂

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Gameboy Worldmap (GBC Application)

Johnny13 just released “Gameboy Worldmap” for the Gameboy Color.

Johnny13 writes:

move the cursor on the (roughly) location of the continents to display their name, spent some time to fix the shifting bug and tested on a Real GBC, wla src.

You can get the rom (and some other ones too) from the site below.

(URL expired, sorry)

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MazezaM v1.0 (GB game)

Another Gameboy game by Ventzislav. It’s a puzzle game called MazezaM and is truly a lot of headache, even if the graphics are not that good.

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Anti ISDA Warrior v1.0 (GB Game)

Ventzislav sent in a brandnew game for GBC. In fact it’s his first ever Gameboy game. Not much text needed, just look at the screenshot.

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Space Waste (GBC Demo Source Code)

Dalton released the source for his Gameboy Colordemo “Space Waste”. You can get the binary, and of course the source from:

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Interview with Groepaz (GBC misc)

And here is the second interview for today… Mainly talking about Groepaz’s ‘”Bitte 8-Bit!” Gameboy Color demo from the year 2000.

(Link broken, to be updated, 09/2008)

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Atom Tom (GBC Game)

The person behind “Small Blue Cube” released an amazing RPG game for GBC! It’s called “Atom Tom” and has been coded by the same guy who coded the genious games “Jumpik” and “Little Fantasy”.

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