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Airaki (Commercial) (GBC Game)

Airaki is a brand-new puzzle battle game for the Nintendo Gameboy! Work fast to beat all 8 bosses and become the champion. You must wisely choose 1 of 3 special skills that will help you in your journey. Already mastered the battle? Link up with another Gameboy to go head-to-head for countless more hours of fun!

The game costs $15.00, excluding shipping.

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Frank the Fruit Fly (09-10-2017) (GB Game)

Frank the Fruit Fly is yet another Game Boy Game by Chris Read. Grab the free ROM from his page.

Frank the Fruit Fly (WIP Game Boy homebrew)

Frank’s family reunion is happening, and Frank can’t wait to go. But Frank has a problem. Right now he’s in the great Pacific Northwest, yet the family reunion is in Baltimore! Help Frank make a cross-continental trek across the U.S. Discover what it’s like to be a fruit fly before you squish them. And most important of all: Have fun doing so.

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oranges. (21-01-2018) (GB Game)

Chris Read‘s new Game Boy game is called oranges.

Bob is stuck in the orange packaging plant where the packing machine has gone out of control and is spitting out oranges all over the place! Why? Some idiot poured radioactive goop all over it and so the oranges turned radioactive! So, locked into the room, Bob needs to dodge the oranges the Orange-O-Matic spits out or else he’s toast, which would go good with oranges for a nutritious breakfast. Most items are useful. They help Bob survive. Some can be annoying, though. Here’s the items that are in the game so far.

The ROM along with the source code is on Chris’ page.

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Snake (15-01-2018) (GB Game)

Yvar de Goffau is know to few as developer of Atari 2600 games. While keeping up the challenge is important, he switched over to the Game Boy and surprises us with Snake. Some of you might tell now, well… yet another Snake. This snake tries to be different, offering smooth graphics at 60hz, a proper difficulty curve and multiple selectable levels.

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Sheep It Up! (Commercial) (GB Game)

Sheep It Up! is a new game published by Catskull Games and developed by Dr. Ludos. It’s an arcade game where a sheep has to climb up by hanging himself to flying velcro straps. The concept is simple, but the game rapidly gets quite challenging: how high can you climb without falling down?

Everything is manufactured specifically for this game: The pcb, the rom, the shell, the protective case and even the sticker! The price is at reasonable $15 (excluding shipping). It will run on any Gameboy model, from the first one to the GBA SP, including the Super Game Boy.

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Lumberjack (GB Game)

Lumberjack is a great new fun mini-game for the classic Game Boy. Made by Koyot1222, JMD and TMK. How far can you make it?

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Tobu Tobu Girl (WIP) (GB Game) (Commercial)

In Tobu Tobu Girl your cat has taken to the skies and you must bounce, jump and dash your way to the top to bring him home safely! This game Tangram studios is a simple but challenging game of vertical climbing against the clock, scheduled to release later this year on the Nintendo Game Boy.

Tobu Tobu Girl teaser trailer

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Polka Sheep v0.1.0 (GB Game)

zal0, sergeeo and kirblue released their Game Boy game Polka Sheep to the public a while ago. All the sheep of the flock have been captured in mysterious giant bubbles! Help Polka Sheep rescue his friends using his velcro powers! He can get fastened to all velcro surfaces around. Avoid hundreds of evil wolves, thousands of kawaii parrots and millions of poisoned spikes to liberate all your friends!! It’s an epic fight to restore peace in the flock.

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BotB Invitro (GB Invitro)

BotB Invitro by Battle of the Bits for Game Boy!

BotB Invitro by Battle of the Bits, 2017 | Nintendo GameBoy (GB) Intro

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µCity v1.0 (GBC Game)

µCity (also spelled ‘uCity’, pronounced ‘micro-city’) is an open-source city building game for Game Boy Color by AntonioND. After a few betas over the last months, we now have a stable version. Go ahead and build your own city! The game plays perfect in emulators but certainly also on real hardware.

[GBC Game] µCity v1.0

Thanks to AntonioND himself for the news.

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