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Eskimo Bob (Kickstarter) (NES Game)

Did you yet spot Eskimo Bob by Tomas Guinan on Kickstarter? Not, well… it’s about time! Only nine days left.

Eskimo Bob NES Kickstarter Trailer

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Ninja II (NES Game)

Ninja II is an indie-game for the NES that’s a sequel to “Ninja” that was released back in 2016 (under Toshi503 Studios). It’s a continuation of the trials and tribulations that one must overcome in order to be honored with the title of Ninja. Loaded with a whole new soundtrack the game will feature ‘events’ that house their own unique sets of challenges; testing even the sharpest of gamers. You’ll run, jump, climb, sneak, and even gather rice-balls with your trusty wolf.

Ninja II - NES Homebrew Game (2017)

This game will feature:

— All original coding/music (NOT a hack or repro)
— 1 or 2 players
— Event selection screen (practice mode)
— Timed and “QTE” styled events
— Hidden scoring system (compatible with RetroUSB’s AVS)
— Extra Point rewards for faster times/mad skills

There will be a Limited Edition (LE) auction soon for Ninja II at:

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Twin Dragons (Kickstarter) (NES Game)

glutock has very much improved Twin Dragons over time and started a Kickstarter campaign now! Make sure to not miss your opportunity of a real cartridge for your NES!

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Missing Lands (NES Game)

Missing Lands is a new NES homebrew game by cppchriscpp.

Missing Lands is a top-down action game featuring a frog in world with missing pieces. Your goal: to collect those pieces and restore your world.

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Lunar Limit (NES Game)

Lunar Limit by pubby is an early 1980s-esque arcade shooter about blasting space ships and dodging bullets. In the game, you’re in control of a miniature version of planet earth; “Mini Earth”, and must use your faithful satellite; “The Moon Cannon”, to survive.

Lunar Limit

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Arlington Apple in an Interplanetary Pickle (NES Game)

Team Disposables released their game Arlington Apple in an Interplanetary Pickle. It’s a short gravity defying platformer. Stuck on a small asteroid, prepare to frantically scramble over every available surface searching for the three crystals to power up your car and get off this rock.

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The Banketh (09-01-2017) (Demo) (NES Game)

RETRONES Software are heavily working on their project The Banketh.

The game is linear adventure type, but with small details of exploration.

It is composed of 5 levels, plus 4 sub-levels that make connection between the previous ones. In this way, the first level is a culvert, the second level is an office, the third level is a park, the fourth level is a cargo ship, and the fifth level is an old street. Between level and level we must mount in a motorcycle and overcome some obstacles to reach the next level.

Mutant monsters have kidnapped my four friends and I must go through all Santander in their search, and then exterminate the chief of the mutants. Very simple. Each level has a riddle or secret to discover to be able to overcome, whether keys, buttons or anything else that is hidden. All scenarios are based on locations in the city of Santander (Spain).

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Creating a NES game in 48 hours with NESmaker (NES misc) decided to give NESmaker a real trial as a game development tool at Global Game Jam. Armed only with the existing sprite art from Mystic Searches, they set out to see if they could create a Mystic Searches prequel quest in 48 hours. Filmed deliriously with a host of cell phones, it went something like this.

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Twin Dragons (15-01-2017) (WIP) (NES Game)

glutock has news on his platform game Twin Dragons for the NES.

Update notes:

Hey folks! Will you be able to defeat Cactus Clay, the first boss of the game?

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Twin Dragons (14-01-2017) (WIP) (NES Game)

glutock has news on his platform game Twin Dragons for the NES.

Update notes:

Finally, the second power-up will help you to kill tougher enemies by pressing UP+B, after picking up a red pepper !

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