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Pong 198X (01-04-2014) (NES Game)

Dr Dementia promises us that Pong 198X is a Pong game like never seen before. This goal should be reached with appearances of familiar characters.

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Function (02-04-2014) (NES Game)

In Function by Dinine you need to program the green block to eliminate the blue blocks. This game is sure to have your brain working overtime.

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MilioNESy (31-03-2014) (NES Game)

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!” is a pretty famous TV show and there are also game adoptions for it. Certainly homebrewers such as Denine want to avoid paying license fees for big names so the name of MilioNESy has to do it. The great thing is, answer NES related questions!

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Love Story (07-04-2014) (NES Game)

Tom Livak is author of few homebrew games and his latest strike is the platformer Love Story entered into the Annual NES Coding Competition 2014, which is also the winner entry.

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Dig Deeper (Demo) (NES Game)

Dig Deeper is not much of a game yet but a a demo showing the basic controls, collision detection, and animation that will be the backbone of this project once it is finished. We wish InfiniteNESLives all the best to get this project done soon.

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Haku no Tsuri (Final) (NES Game)

Haku goes Fishing… and well yes, that’s it – a homebrew fishing game for NES/Famicom.

Haku no Tsuri - Fishing Game Jam [NES]

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Tiger Jenny v0.1 (NES Game)

Tiger Jenny by Ludosity is a NES game set in the same universe as “Ittle Dew” it takes place a thousand years before the events of that game. Battle your way through the forests to seek vengeance on the Turnip Witch who dwells in her castle.


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Double Action Blaster Guys (06-05-2014) (NES Game)

Double Action Blaster Guys by NovaSquirrel is a single player action game but also allows two simultaneous players. DABG for the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom is a sequel to “Forehead Block Guy“.

NovaSquirrel provided the following updates on his game:

*Changed to NROM-256 with CHR RAM, decompressed at the start before the title
*Revamped menu system (and the editor asks for confirmation to quit now)
*Versus modes with powerups
*More levels to use new blocks and enemies
*Levels can scroll
*New blocks: Bombs that go off every 4 seconds, tiles and platforms that toggle between solid or not every 4 seconds, switch to instantly toggle all toggleable blocks, moving springs and moving hazards, teleporters, insta-kill spikes, tiles that cause a bomb to drop above you when you walk through them
*New enemies: rolling and jumpy balls, enemies that shoot aimed at the player, Thwomp clones, a flapping owl, a potion and an enemy that continually shoots right
*Various bugfixes and minor changes

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DENDYcompo II (NES Music Disk)

DENDYcompo II is a music disk for NES created by Rubel for the 8bit Netlabel 8081.


01. Nuclear Mushroom Boom – Summertime
02. Xenon Odyssey – Convoluted Culvert
03. bertfm – Dancing to Death
04. Harumi Makoto – Wonder Panorama
05. Please Lose Battle – Restrain from entering my bedroom


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Sgt. Helmet Training Day (09-12-2013) (NES Game)

Sgt. Helmet Training Day is an action platformer by the Mojon Twins, who released this nice game first on the ZX Spectrum. And now here it is… for the 8-Bit NES!

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