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Ball and Flag (08-08-2013) (NES Game)

Lionel Barasc aka lbarasc currently works on his second NES homebrew game named Ball and Flag. You are a ball in a random labyrinth and you have to retrieve a flag before time expires.

Thanks to Lionel himself for the news! Make sure to play and give feedback so he can improve his game!

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Pixel Art Editor (16-07-2013) (NES Application)

Pixel Art Editor by Lionel B. is a very simple pixel art editor. It’s not really a serious program, just rather something to play around with.

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Conways Life Simulator (27-07-2013) (NES misc)

Conway’s Life Simulator in a variant for the NES by NovaSquirrel. Source code is available!

Release notes:

Instead of trying to see how Video Life manages to be fast, I figured I would see how fast I could make a Life simulator by just using repetitive, fast code and using unofficial opcodes. It’s pretty bare-bones so far and all you can do is move a cursor around to toggle cells and start/stop simulation, but I’m hoping to add onto it and have an option for a bigger grid because 32×32 isn’t even big enough for the Gosper glider gun. SNES mouse support would also be cool, but I would require an emulator that both supports the mouse and doesn’t choke on unofficial opcodes first.

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Double Action Blaster Guys (27-07-2013) (NES Game)

Double Action Blaster Guys is a two player only game for NES by NovaSquirrel. This game is a sequel to “Forehead Block Guy”. It’s completely rewritten and nowhere near as buggy as FHBG was.

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Inversion (20-07-2013) (NES Game)

Lucas “Dizzy9” Kur has finally released his NES game Inversion: When Darkness Cry. Your aim in the game is to collect all keys from each map to open doors leading to next level.

Thanks to Eleazar/Piko Interactive for the news.

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Sir Ababol (NES Game)

Control Sir Ababol across the Monegrian fields and gather 24 ababol flowers. To be able to progress in your journey you’ll need some keys you will be able to use to open several doors to gain access to different sections. You can jump on the baddies to get rid of them, too. Be patient, think before you jump, and you’ll be successful!

Original game by The Mojon Twins, ported to NES by Shiru.

Sir Ababol - NES (homebrew) gameplay
Watch this video on YouTube.

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K.Y.F.F. (02-04-2013) (NES Game)

K.Y.F.F. by Roth/Sly Dog Studios is a 4-player game that allows all four people to compete against each other in a battle royale in the style of classic beat ‘em up games. There are a total of eight different attacks at the disposal of each player.

Note that it is only a multi-player game, and no AI is in it.

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Knil WIP (NES Game)

NES homebrewer never-obsolete is working on a Zelda style RPG for NES called Knil. According to the developer the core engine is done, which means he now tries to add up the content. As the game is still a work in progress, there is no download yet.

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Family Picross (Demo 1) (NES Game)

Family Picross by freem is a Picross game for NES/Famicom. The game is playable but still considered a demo. Improvements should be seen the next couple of weeks.

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Magic Floor (NES Game)

In Magic Floor by Martin Korth you are a boulder, who discovered a hidden underground hall in your magic cellar! At the first glance it appeared to be just empty, but at closer look it turned out to be having a
very funny bewitched floor…

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