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I Wanna Flip The Sky (14-08-2012) (NES Game)

I Wanna Flip The Sky by Tom is a platformer along the lines of I Wanna Be The Guy or Battle Kid. In each level you’re trying to reach the exit door while avoiding traps like spikes and conveyor belts. The trick is you can flip gravity a limited number of times each level.

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Starfall (NCC 2012) (NDS Game)

Starfall – a journey in space; a test of survival. Catch stars to increase the jackpot, but don’t forget to claim it! Avoid the meteors; they’re deadly unless you Color Shift. Same color ship and meteor = OK! Mismatched colors = GAME OVER! Go for the high score!,7457.0.html

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Assimilate (05-08-2012) (NES Game)

John White / Nessylum Games promised a while ago to replace the Demo of his game Assimilate with a full version. As he is a man of his word, he placed the full download to the public on 5th August! (Thanks for letting us know btw 🙂

In Assimilate you control an alien space ship and your main task is to kidnap humans, while the forces of the earth try to stop you from that.

Assimilate Release Promo
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Boom (15-02-2012) (NES Game)

Boom by 3gengames and Tokumaru is a Kaboom! style game for NES. The goal is to catch all bombs in a ton, before they blast.

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Color Squares (24-03-2012) (NES Techdemo)

Color Squares by KHS shows 16*14 squares of 12 different colors (plus black). On each frame, two adjacent squares are swapped. Assembler source code is available.

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Clock (26-03-2012) (NES Application)

Clock by KHS is a digital seven-segment 24-hour clock. Set the time with arrows, toggle between NTSC and PAL with A button, toggle the visibility of unlit segments with B, and press start to start the clock. The clock should be more accurate than exactly 50 (PAL) or 60 (NTSC) frames per second.

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24 Balls (24-03-2012) (NES Techdemo)

24 Balls by KHS shows 24 16*16-pixel balls that bounce off walls. The balls don’t flicker because there’s never more than four of them (eight sprites) per scanline. (That’s because there are no more than two balls per scanline at the beginning and all balls have the same vertical velocity.) The color palette changes every 8th frame.

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Gradient Demo (15-03-2012) (NES Techdemo)

Gradient Demo by KHS is a technical demo written in Assembler. It shows rapidly moving colors and text that moves in a circle (using a sine look-up table).

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KHS-NES-Brainfuck (14-03-2012) (NES misc)

KHS-NES-Brainfuck by KHS is an Interpreter for Brainfuck, an esoteric programming language. Assembler source-code is available.

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KHS-NES-Paint (14-03-2012) (NES Application)

KHS-NES-Paint by KHS is a simple drawing application for NES. It’s completley coded in assembler.

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