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Tanespot (NES Demo)

Memblers updated his NES Development page with a new demo called “Tanespot”. Tanespot has been released at Dreamhack 02 in DivX-Format. Now we have the binary 🙂

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Manhole (NES Game)

After 2 months of silence the NESdev page has been updated with a few new things. Even a new NES game appeared called “Manhole”. (I was not able to get past the title screen, maybe it was an emulator problem)

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Masmix v0.06 (NES Game)

Memblers put two new homebrewn games on his NES developer page five days ago. At the moment I can’t remember the name of the original author, but the two released games are very similar to each other. Just spritsets / gfx are changed.

The games are: Masmix v0.06 and Matrix v0.06

[PS Look at the update from the 30th October]

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Froggy (1k Frog) (NES Game)

Rob released a 1k NES game called “Froggy” at the MiniGame 2002 Coding Competition. You can get the file from there, or download it in the NES/Games section.

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NES Day on PDroms :-] (NES misc)

NES 8-Bit Additions
Amiga Logo by Chris Covell
Atomic by Chris Covell
Boing by Mankeli
BombSweeper v0.5 by SnowBro
City by Mankeli
Colour Palette Program by Chris Covell
Colour Test Program (RGB) by Chris Covell
Diffusion Chamber by Michael Martin
Drop Off 7 by Memblers
Fade to Black by Morgan Johansson
Full Screen Demos by Chris Covell
Gnome vs KDE by Damian Yerrick
Jumpy Demo by Rwin
Megaman X Sprite by abonetochew
Moby by Chris Covell
NES Scrolling Test (Multidirectional Scroll-Test) by Cadaver
NES Sound Test (Goldrunner Music Demo) by Cadaver
NES Test Program v1.3 by Memblers
Palette Test by loopy
Polar Demos by Chris Covell
Pong by Paul Talbot
Power Pad Test Program by Veilleux
Raster Bar Demos by Chris Covell
RTC by MemberlsScroll Demo by HollowOne11
Snow Intro by Veilleux
Sokoban by Johannes Holmberg
Sound Testing Program by SnowBro
Sprite 0 Test by Damain Yerrick
Sprite by Damian Yerrick
Stretch Demo by Chris Covell
Super Fighter Demo by Chris Covell
Tank Game by Ian Bell
The Duel by Bokudono
Wall by Chris Covell
Wavy by Chris Covell
Who is Cuter by Damian Yerrick
Zelda Title Screen Simulator by Chris Covell
Zero Pong v3.0 by Zero-Soul

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