Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) News
Winter Chip IV (NES Intro)

“Winter Chip IV ROM Flyer” by Battle of the Bits!

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Galaxy NES (07-02-2009) (NES Game)

Galaxy NES us a Geometry Wars style game for Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom coded by Kasumi.

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Pong (04-02-2009) (NES Game)

Here comes a NES Pong game by Jeroen.

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rNES v0.1 (NES misc)

Here is a first release of rNES, a library for NES apps and games development, written in C for cc65.

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D-Pad Hero (RC) (NES Game)

“D-Pad Hero” is a brand new game for the Nintendo Entertainment System! It’s a music rythm game similar to Dance Dance Revolution and others.

The Release Candidate is now available! If you do not have a NES emulator at your hands, here is a video ->

Thanks to for the news.

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Generic Text Scroller v0.2 (NES Techdemo)

CartCollector updated his “Generic Text Scroller” for NES.

Release notes:

UPDATE: The Generic Text Scroller is now version 0.2! It now comes with a program that allows you to convert text files into the .bin files that the program uses. Tedious hex editing is no longer necessary to change the .bin file.

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Fireworks Demo 2009 Blargg (NES Techdemo)

Blargg picked up Matrixz’ Fireworks techdemo for NES and modified it.

Release notes:

Some changes (source + NES rom, as before):

– Delayed explosion sound
– Added noise burst to beginning of explosion sound
– Sound of firework shooting from ground
– Eliminated thump at end of explosion sound

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Fireworks Demo 2009 (NES Techdemo)

Matrixz has released a tiny fireworks techdemo for Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom.

Release notes:

Here’s a little fireworks demo, which i always wanted to do. This could have been improved in many ways.. maybe next year 😉

Source is included.

GeoCities Download:

Enjoy.. and be welcome to do whatever good can be done with the source code.

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Falldown (NES Game)

You control a ball and it’s your duty to keep it within the play field as long as possible

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Thrust Inspired Game (28-10-2008) (NES Game)

smkd is working on a “Thrust Inspired Game” for the NES. However here are the latest news along with a new binary:



I’ve had the ambigous front end pointed out before, where the guy suggested that the tip be colored differently. I passed on it, but that idea of making the base of it thicker does a great job I think. I updated the chr in my rom with that.

I’ve darkened the terrain since that seems to make the flicker not so apparent, but is it too dark? It’s not something I paid much attention to, but the issue is there.

As far as names go, I am thinking a cheap acronym; STING:


I’ll just call it that if I don’t think of anything else.

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