Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) News
Pulsewave Flyer (NES Invitro)

This is an invitro for a party called “Pulse Wave”. The party was in March 2007, but it seems the binary spreads just now.

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High Hopes (NES Demo)

High Hopes by aspekt is a Nintendo Entertainment System demo released at Assembly 2007. It ranked #1 in the Oldschool Demo Competition.

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Kojiki – The Alternative Party 2007 Invitation (NES Invitro)

Here is an invitation intro (invitro) for the “Alternative Party 2007” by wamma.

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Sack of Flour v1.0d (NES Game)

Seems NESdev got a new version of “Sack of Flour” a neat high quality platformer.

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Raster Demo (NES Demo)

The “Raster” Demo is a technical demo done by Norix. Download from NESdev!

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GITS2 (NES Application)

Another addition to NESDEV is GITS2.

Here are a few lines from the readme:

GITS2 is a program for adjustment of colour TV sets of system PAL through the game console DENDY (Russian NES). GITS2 is the second (improved) version of the program GITS, which was published in a Russian magazine RADIO number 8 for 2001.

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Tanespot (NES Demo)

Memblers updated his NES Development page with a new demo called “Tanespot”. Tanespot has been released at Dreamhack 02 in DivX-Format. Now we have the binary 🙂

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Manhole (NES Game)

After 2 months of silence the NESdev page has been updated with a few new things. Even a new NES game appeared called “Manhole”. (I was not able to get past the title screen, maybe it was an emulator problem)

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Masmix v0.06 (NES Game)

Memblers put two new homebrewn games on his NES developer page five days ago. At the moment I can’t remember the name of the original author, but the two released games are very similar to each other. Just spritsets / gfx are changed.

The games are: Masmix v0.06 and Matrix v0.06

[PS Look at the update from the 30th October]

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Froggy (1k Frog) (NES Game)

Rob released a 1k NES game called “Froggy” at the MiniGame 2002 Coding Competition. You can get the file from there, or download it in the NES/Games section.

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