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Jefliks v0.0.2b (Openmoko Application)

Simple lightest EFL-based and libiksemel-powered XMPP client.

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Neomis v1.0 (Openmoko Game)

Neomis is a computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon.

It’s a game of memory and concentration.

You must follow the pattern of sounds and lights as long as you can remember!

The game will flash quadrants in turn and expect you to repeat the sequence. If you get the sequence correct, the game will respond with a longer sequence.

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Stopwatch v1.3 (Openmoko Application)

Simple stopwatch with countdown options.

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Babiloo v2.0.9 (Openmoko Application)

Babiloo is a offline dictionaries reader. Supports dictionaries in SDictionary and StarDict formats. Voice capability. Tested on SHR, it works only with MrMoku branch!

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Launcer v0.41 (Openmoko Application)

Launcher is a launcher / home page application.


* Missed call indication
* New SMS indication
* Ability to set own wallpaper
* inbuilt sms, contacts and phonelog
* Categorise applications and see them in categories

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DBWords v2.0 (Openmoko misc)

This small python application generates random words for use in the creative thinking games in Edward de Bono’s book “How to have Creative Ideas”. It uses the random words given in the book.

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quickplay v1.5 (Openmoko Application)

A light weight mp3 player/frontend for Ampache – URL must started with http. Get only 28%CPU (long loging to server). Tested on shr-u!

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Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux v0.4.0 (Openmoko Application)

AGTL makes geocaching paperless! It downloads cache locations in the area visible on the map including their description, hints, difficulty levels and images. Searching for caches in your local db is a matter of seconds. The currently selected cache is shown on the map (and also all the others if you want) and there’s a traditional compass-like view that always points at the cache.

– finger-friendly input and user interface
– download geocaches for offline use with full text, hints & images on your freerunner
– log caches and write notes while out in the field and upload them later.

– writes html page for each downloaded cache
– map view with icons for nearby geocaches (uses openstreetmaps and tangogps map directory, downloades missing tiles automatically)
– search the internal database for geocaches by name or type
– shows current altitude, distance to target, current bearing, direction to target, number of satellites and current position
– target selection: selected geocache, one of its waypoints or manual input

For more features, please read the manual at

AGTL was developed for the latest SHR testing. If you’re experiencing a bad performance, this may be due to an older SHR build.

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elmdentica v0.7.0 (Openmoko Application)

Simple client made with Elementary. It’s easy to use, and it will be even easier to setup.

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Portable Puzzles (04-10-2009) (Openmoko Games)

This package is a port of Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection, for SHR and similar distros for use on the Neo FreeRunner. This package includes a shell script that lets users disable/enable individual desktop icons, making it possible to reduce the number even without installing a launcher. It also includes some basic support for launchers, automatically removing the desktop icons when a compatible launcher is installed, except those icons that have been explicitly enabled (so you can have both a launcher, and your favorite games on the desktop for quick access). Examle launcher is also created, and packaged separately. It is fairly simple, just displays a grid of plain buttons, but space is so limited due to the number of games.

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