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Rockbot v1.0 (Beta 6) (Android, PSP, PS2)

Rockbot is a Megaman fan game with level editor.


* Highly improved artificial inteligence
* Several new enemies
* New logos for Upperland and Mega Man’s 25th anniversary
* Game over when lives goes under zero
* Several corrections and improvements in editor
* Parabole function for jumps ad projectiles
* Higher time for enemies and bosses invencible time after hit
* Higher damage taken by player
* Positioning use float points for exact diagonal to a point
* Selection between Rockbot and Betabot is done only on “new game”
* Better credits on ending
* Better graphics from our new partner Hunter Trammell
* Better speed on Playstation 2 and PSP
* Better stage backgrounds
* Bigger initial stage size

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Get Cookie (21-08-2013) (PSP Game)

In Get Cookie by Leviadragon you guide the White Cat in search of yummy biscuits, avoid the water for save your seven life.,7678.0.html

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PSPInstaller v9 (PSP Application)

PSPInstaller is a Cydia-like piece of software for the PSP that lets you download homebrew files from its repository without the need for cabled or manual download/transfer. Just connect to Wifi, Download and play!


– no changelog found

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Learn Japanese v0.9 (PSP Lua Game)

Learn Japanese by ponpon is a trivia game designed to help people memorize Japanese words by answering the English questions with the Japanese equivalent. The difference between this game and other language learning games is that users must input the answers manually by typing it in on a custom OSK.

Release notes:

In this update I added a option to randomize the questions, and I included a Karaoke rhythm game. Since this version uses Lua Player Plus by NaNnI & Rinnegatamante, it now features MP4 playback. However the LPP version that I used didn’t have IntraFont which was required for Japanese text input, so I included a option to switch to LuaPlayer Euphoria by Zack in the options menu. It just doesn’t have MP4 playback in that version, but it runs much more stable though.

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RenPSP v0.5 (PSP Lua misc)

RenPSP is a Lua-based clone of the Ren’Py Visual Novel engine for Playstation Portable.


Here are some new features:
+ Added ICON0 and PIC1 design
+ Support for game description files (see desc.lua on any game folder)
+ Game preview backgrounds on main menu (only on Windows version for now)
+ Screenshots are now saved in ms0:/PICTURE/RenPSP
+ Sounds can now be disabled upon game boot
+ Support for $ and $renpy.load() functions
+ Menu selection scrolling

Bug fixes:
+ Background loading from save game

Released with several mini-VNs:

+ a test game to demonstrate some features
+ “The Question” by LSF Team (Revised)
+ “9 мая” by IIchan Eroge Team
+ “Ripples” by Ayu Sakata (Revised)

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DaedalusX64 (Revision 790) (N64 emu for PSP)

DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.

Release notes:

Rev 866 – Salvy
[+] Added QuickRead16Bits/QuickWrite16Bits (will start optimizing oshle functions more aggressively soon)
[!] Optimized osViSwapBuffer
Rev 867 – Salvy
[!] Fixed bug in memcpy_vfpu_swizzle when size is less than what we are aligning to
[!] Some optimizations to osStartThread
Rev 868 – Salvy
[!] Make sure FlashRead/Write regions are valid
Rev 869 – Corn
[!] Freed usage of T0/T1 registers in Dynarec. temp regs are now A0/A1 & V0/V1 (A2/A3 are still not freed but are unused)
[!] Use of two scratch registers in the CPU register struct for easy storage of temp variables (mainly used in Dynarecstubs.S)
Rev 870- Salvy
[!] Some clean ups
[!] Made guRotateF and volatile memory platform independent
[!] Check for invalid reads/writes to PIF
Rev 871 – Corn
[+] Added storing and displaying previews to Save States (Uses a 128kByte buffer)
Rev 872- Salvy
[!] Used a temporal buffer for storing screenshots for savestates
[!] Take savestate screenshot after the next frame rather than storing it in a buffer
[!] Optimized Patch_osCreateThread
Rev 873- Salvy
[!] Fixed bug with savestate screenshot when having more than 64 more folders (Corn)
[+] Added Azimer’s DK64 hack(DK64 boots now, make sure to have Double Display List off)
[!] Set EEPROM4k for DK64 (fixes hang when entering main menu in DK64)
Rev 874- Salvy
[~] Forgot this…
Rev 875- Salvy
[!] Use PSP’s wsbw opcode for swapping four bytes in a 32bit value
Rev 876- Salvy
[!] Just call builtin_bswap32

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Rockbot v1.0 (Beta 4) (Game for Pandora, PSP & PS2)

Rockbot is a Megaman fan game with level editor.


* Memory leaks fixed
* Killing NPCs drop items
* Editable colorcycle
* Editable link to final boss teleporter room (one has 8, other has 9 teleporters)
* Editable “can fly” property for NPCs
* Better edition for boss faces on stage
* Do not show empty dialogs
* Editable Artifical Inteligences for non-boss NPCs
* Fix the old scroll-lock (screen not moving) bug
* Disappearing blocks
* NPCs returning after dead when out-of-screen
* Logic in editor for jet and coil items
* Logic in game for drop items
* Save on quit/leave
* Fix sound in PS2
* Can set NPC weapons (2) on editor
* New font, new music, new graphics
* SEVERAL, and I mean really SEVERAL bug fixes
* Interrupt charging on door, death and when leaving stage
* Save Castle stages
* Password system
* PSP Port
* 5 Skull Castle stages (with no NPCs yet)

Pandora Port:
PSP Port:
PS2 Port:

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Medieval Wars (08-01-2013) (Alpha) (Fix) (PSP Lua Game)

Medieval Wars by jorge_97 is a trading simulation for Playstation Portable in Spanish language, inspired by the online game Tribal Wars (Guerras Tribales).

Medieval Wars itself is a single player game, where your opponent is driven by artificial intelligence. Give orders to construct, recruitment soldiers, arrange troops to attack or defense yourself and trade to get money for your actions. Create a powerful village with a strong led army and attack your enemy before he does.

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Super Chess v1.0 (PSP Lua Game)

Super Chess by jorge_97 is a chess game for Playstation Portable written using Lua.

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Sqrxz 3 v1.00 (Game)

Sqrzx 3 by Retroguru is a pretty insane Jump’n Run Game with Puzzle elements, available for Amiga OS4, AROS, Caanoo, Dingoo A320 (OpenDingux), Dreamcast, GP2x, Mac OS X, Motomagx, MorphOS, NetBSD (Intel), Pandora, Playstation Portable (unsigned), Symbian OS Series 60, Symbian OS UIQ3, Ubuntu, Windows and Wiz.

Make sure your mind works faster than a thunder and your fingers should be even faster than that.

The Dreamcast version has been updated, while all other 16 platforms are an initial release to it’s respective platforms.

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