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Wifi Penetrate v0.1 (PPC Application)

SciLor’s Wifi Penetrate is a tool for administrators and other people related to network security. This tool provides a database/calculator for many standard Wifi passphrases of todays wireless network routers. You may use it to check your own network, or it make you skip looking in the manual for the standard password.


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ShellSwitcher v1.0.1 (Beta) (PPC Application)

ShellSwitcher is a small and easy to use Windows Mobile system utility for switching between well known shells: SPB Mobile Shell, Titanium, Touch Flo 3D, HTC Sense and classic today screen.

Program gives the ability to select the native or custom WM plug-ins and activate them on the today screen.


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ScummVM v1.1.1 (PPC misc)

ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!

Some of the adventures ScummVM supports include Adventure Soft’s Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2; Revolution’s Beneath A Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2; Flight of the Amazon Queen; Wyrmkeep’s Inherit the Earth; Coktel Vision’s Gobliiins; Westwood Studios’ The Legend of Kyrandia and games based on LucasArts’ SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) system such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max and more. You can find a thorough list with details on which games are supported and how well on the compatibility page. ScummVM is continually improving, so check back often.

Release notes:

Only four weeks since our last release and already ScummVM 1.1.1 is available on our downloads page.

This release concentrates primarily on fixing bugs, bugs, and even more bugs. As such, we strongly recommend all and every ScummVM user to update to this latest and greatest version. In particular, just as promised we fixed the issues affecting Nippon Safes Inc and Pajama Sam 1 in 1.1.0.


1.1.1 (2010-05-02)
New Ports:
– Added Nintendo 64 Port. (Actually added in 1.1.0, but forgot to mention it. oops)

– Fixed several minor bugs here and there.

– Fixed regression that caused some texts to always be in English, even when using another language. (#2970211 – DRASCULA: missing german translation)

– Fixed a bug which caused the DOS versions to crash before the credits when AdLib music is selected.

– Fixed several memory leaks.
– Corrected problems in the handling of followers when blocked from performing actions by closed doors between rooms.
– Solved issues with Goewin not always correctly following the player out of the caves

– Fix video playback regression in Discworld 2.

– Fix several crashes and other regressions in Nippon Safes, including bugs 2969211, 2969232, 2969234, 2969257, 2970141.

Wii/GameCube port: (Also forgot to mention in 1.1.0)
– Added support for games using 16bit graphics.
– Complete GFX overhaul (new video modes, better performance, picture smoothing, fine grained overscan settings).
– Added a new options dialog for Wii/Gamecube specific settings.
– Fixed a GFX glitch on savegame thumbnails.
– Added support for SMB mountpoints (Samba/Windows shares).
– Added an on-screen console, which is shown when ScummVM exits abnormally.
– Fixed a couple of crashes when using Ogg/Vorbis encoded sound files. See the bundled READMII.txt file for more information.

PSP port: (Also forgot to mention in 1.1.0)
– Added plugin support which allows the PSP Phat to run every game.
– Added a new virtual keyboard optimized for rapid D-Pad input.


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NaviComputer v0.93 (PPC Application)

NaviComputer is a GPS mapping and offroad navigation / tracking software designed for Windows Mobile devices.

What makes NaviComputer outstanding is the ability to view maps offline, so there is no need for internet connection or dataplan when you are on a trip.

Maps can be easily downloaded from various online map sources like OpenStreetMap either with the bundled PC software “NaviMapper” or directly with NaviComputer on the mobile device. Maps are saved as single, easy to handle and space-saving files.

Changelog: http://navicomputer.com/blog/?p=123#more-123


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LCMinutes v1.44 (PPC Application)

Basically LCMinutes is an application that keeps track of phone calls, SMS, and data traffic, calculates their charge based on user defined rate plan, and thus keep user informed of the up-to-date balance information: like current charges, used free minutes, used free messages, used free data allowlance, expire date for prepaid plans, etc.


* Feature change: Add more traces for day and month change.
* Bug fix: change free minutes or data allowance is not updated to balance info when user choose to apply new rate plan to existing usage.
* Bug fix: +/- sign in special rates not handled correctly.


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mySpot v0.85b (PPC Application)

The mySpot application provides access to the Spotify service on the Windows Mobile platform via an intermediate proxy. Requires a QVGA, VGA or WVGA device running Windows Mobile Professional (Pocket PC) 6.0 or higher.


* Track streaming code completely re-written
* Vast improvement to reliability of artwork display
* Info panels now include artwork where available
* Overall application stability improved


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GrooveMobile v10 (Alpha) (PPC Application)

SciLor’s GrooveMobile is a grooveshark(tm).com player for Windows Mobile. Now with local playlists and an update checker!


Alpha v10(2010-04-29)
-Fix: Crash on missing internet connection on startup(Moved the cookie grabbing to just in time)!
-Fix: Some big changes on grooveshark(tm).com to lock us out 😉
-Removed: Support for loading old playlists in ‘jso’ format. (The convert routine was corrupted, so all playlists converted were empty… stupid SciLor, but therefore it is an alpha)


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BattClock v2.0.1 (PPC Application)

BattClock, if you want the BattClock of TouchLockPro or StylusLock without locking possibilities!


Information shown:
# Show Time and Battery percentage above the top bar (default)
# Time in format HH:MM or H:MM or with other separator, 12 hour or 24 hour clock
# Date in format DD-MM or MM-DD or with other separator and with or without leading zeros
# Free memory percentage indicator or MB, updated once per second, great to see if you have memory leaks!
# CPU percentage indicator, updated once per second, great to see how much work your phone has to do!
# Battery indicator in percentage, indication if charging (default battery percentage character % is changed into tilde character ~)
# Battery Current in mA, updated once per second. Note that cached values are asked, so the battery driver may only update after several seconds.
# Battery Current Force in mA, updated once per second. Note that non-cached values are asked, so the battery driver may give more up-to-date values, but may also drain more battery
# Battery Temperature in Celsius degrees
# Battery Voltage in mV
# 3 Freely configurable Date/Time formats including week number, month name, day name, seconds, PM/AM
# 3 Freely configurable registry keys, default phone strength, missed call count and unread SMS
# 6 info items configurable for a BattClock area (e.g. horizontal or for circular display, see below)
# 6 fontsizes configurable for above
# 6 colors configurable, one color per info item. Battery Percentage and Free memory can change color when a medium or low threshold has reached (3 colors configurable).
# circular changing the last info item, e.g. showing items 2 till 6 for some time in a circular fashion in row 2
# Automatic runtime adaption of BattClock on Portrait or Landscape mode (with negative ClockX setting or separate Landscape settings)
# BattClock content can also be shown divided horizontally, e.g. above the Program text

Other features:
# Possibility to configure 6 items to log to a registry or log to file (BattClock.csv), so no need to display those items
# Option to automatically detect taskbar background color changes and take over the background color of a configurable pixel location (great for changing solid theme colors)
# Possibility to configure the number of seconds before the battery is polled (default 60 seconds)
# Update values at power on/resume immediately
# Refactored code, so the BattClock size in memory and performance is on par with previous versions, despite the new features introduced
# Very small in memory: 1 Kb in memory (check it with a task manager)
# Almost no CPU usage: 0.00 % CPU usage, check it with a task manager.
# Very small on disk: BattClock.exe 37 Kb on disk,
# Very efficient resource usage despite the lot of possible features
# Automatic detect settings the first time started, dependent of the screen resolution and colour.

Easy configuration:
# Configurable realtime, settings changes reflected immediately in BattClock
# Configurable via registry settings
# Visual feedback if a button is pressed
# Content configurable
# Location configurable. Clock width, height, X position, Y position. Separate settings for Portrait or Landscape. X position from the left configurable by negative value
# Fontsizes configurable per displayed item
# Separators/Indicators configurable per item
# Colors configurable per item. Background and Text (Foreground) color configurable.
# Log configurable to log to registry and/or Log file
# Other settings configurable
# Reset, Import and Export settings.
# Moved BattClock settings to registry key HKCUSoftwareZuinigeRijderBattClock so BattClock can be used in combination with TouchLockPro
# Renamed registry keys, so they are better grouped together for people editing via registry.

Supported phones:
# Supported resolutions: 240×320, 240×240, 480×480. 480×640, 480×800, etc.
# Supported Windows Mobile 6 Classic
# Supported Windows Mobile 6 Standard
# Supported Windows Mobile 6 Professional
# Supported Windows Mobile 6.5
# Supported Windows Mobile 5
# Also works now on Windows Mobile Standard edition (version 1.6 onwards)
# Separate BattConfig program requires .NET 2.0 or higher, does not work on Smartphone, so then you need to use a Registry editor

BattConfig program translations:
# Added translations possibilities for BattConfig. Some translations may be outdated due to the numerous new features, you can help by providing (updated) translations, easy via Excel spreadsheet
# Russian translations, thanks to Vadim Bogaiskov
# Chinese Simplified translations, thanks to zhongzw
# Chinese Traditional translations, thanks to victorchen101
# Spanish translation, thanks to animalote
# French translations, thanks to YoLoLo
# Italian translations, thanks to tigro11 and ephestione
# Dutch translation, thanks to myself 😉

19-4-2010 Version 2.0.1
# Fixed bug that daylight saving time was not handled correctly in new DateTime format strings
# Made workaround for wcsftime, so the Day and Month names are using the default localization strings
# Added Hebrew translations, thanks to Som30ne
# Added Polish translations, thanks to pupakota alias nothin
# Updated Russian translations, thanks to Vadim Bogaiskov


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Weather4me v1.0.4 (PPC Application)

Weather4me is a freeware application for Pocket PC and Smartphone with touchscreen under the Windows Mobile OS 5.0 or higher. Weather information provided by AccuWeather.com.

Release notes:

Current version 1.0.4
OS: Windows Mobile 5.x, 6.x
Additional requirements: .NET Compact Framework 2.0 for WM5 only

* Detailed actual weather conditions for particular selected city
* Today weather information
* Up to 5 days forecast information
* English or metric units for weather data representation
* Automatic or manual data refreshing
* Fast search city by name (partial name) or US zip code
* Ability to add city to the favorites and fast switching between them
* Support devices with all well known screen resolutions including WVGA and square screens
* Gesture support
* Automatic units selection according to the user’s regional settings


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WMLongLife v0.66 (PPC Application)

WMLongLife is an automatic 2G/3G band-switching solution. It will keep your device in 2G when you do not need to use 3G, and will switch to 3G automatically when you do need it. For most users, having your device in 2G uses much less battery, and thus your phone lasts longer on a single charge. 2G also usually generates less radiation than 3G, so it will likely be better for your gonads (if you have them).


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