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FEWidgets Ultimate v1.0b10.1 (PPC misc)

FEWidgets Ultimate is a Today Plugin for Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5 devices (WM 5 is not supported).


– Haptic feedback. When clicking on widget buttons you’ll feel a small vibration.
– Multiple Layouts/Pages support (up to 4).
– Multiple Windows for each page with 0 loading time.
– Fullscreen Mode.
– Support for Landscape/Portrait modes.
– Skinnable though XML files (or just modifying the images).
– Scriptable through javascript.
– Extensible though C++ plugins.
– Support for Acceleration/Light sensor on the engine. (not used right now by any Widget)

Implemented Widgets:
– Operator Name
– RSS Feed Reader
– Comming Appointments
– Tasks
– Contact widget
– Date widget
– Battery/Phone signal Strength indicator.
– S2P Player control.
– Analog Clock
– Diamond like Clock
– Background Image Changer
– Bluetooth State (Can turn on/off)
– Wi-Fi State (Can turn on/off)
– Quick Dial.
– Layout swapper.
– Locker (locks widget dragging)
– Calendar (when tapped will link to WindowsCalendar.lnk)
– Shortcuts Widget. This widget allows creating shortcuts to exe/lnk files. You can drop the widget as many times as you want.
– Missed Calls. Shows the number of missed calls. When double tapped will take you to the missed calls log.
– Unread SMS. Shows the number of unread SMSs.
– Unread Mail. Shows the number of unread Mail on all accounts.
– Sound Profile changer. Lets you switch between On/Vibrate/Off modes.
– Weather. Shows you the weather for today. Current temperature and forecasted Min/Max for today.
– SMS information. Once you drop this widget once, if you remove it, it’ll spawn automatically the next time you have an SMS message on the same possition you had placed it.
– Programs. Shows the contents of the Programs folder of the Start Menu on a kinetic scrolling list.


– [Fixed] When using the new Fast Orientation Change option, the application will crash (i.e. it will stop responding properly). This was a really tough one 🙂
– [Fixed] Lists used the system wide window color instead of a custom color. If the color whas black, text would not be visible.
– [Fixed] Error messages on CommandProvider or PhoneProvider would generate an exception when multithreaded commands are on.


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Jmz Lockscreen Changer v1.1 (PPC Application)

Change any image of yours to the background image of the 6.5 lockscreen.


-Added option to restore original settings
-Fixed IOException error if you try to change it more than once


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winmoSpender (09-09-2009) (PPC Application)

winmoSpender is a spending tracking utility. It is designed to aid the user to quickly enter in their spending and give them the ability to modify the added entry with more details. Also, with a sleek finger-friendly design, you will not hesitate to show it off to your friends and family.


-Build 90909 released.
-All basic functionalities are stable for daily usage.


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Notepad Mobile v1.6 (PPC Application)

Notepad Mobile is a “text editor” for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (.txt) files and other text based files (.xml, .bat, .log, etc.)

Its main features being high speed, small size and compatibility with most devices running DOTNET Framework.


Windows Mobile 6.5 Compatible
Support for fullscreen display
Word and character count
Fixed Bug: Word-Wrap Context-Menu Issue
About Dialog shows application version.


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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 64 (misc)

Retrogaming Times Monthly #64 is available. RTM is a retro magazine, sometimes with focus on homebrew things.

Content of this issue:

Movies With A Byte: Joysticks
RTM Idiocy: The Pot Of Lead At The End Of The Rainbow
The Legend Of Trash Truck
All Eyes On Power Rangers: The Movie (Genesis Game)
Apple II Incider – Spy Hunter
Modern Retro – Worms
Videological Dig – The Ratings War


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MS3 Config v0.16 (PPC Application)

This is a small application volDeus is developing and will evolve into a full-fledged skin editor for Spb Mobile Shell 3. At the moment it only has the ability to change panel backgrounds (among some other helpful tool options), but it has a decent GUI and is unique in that it does not overwrite any changes that have previously been made to your copy of MS3 by other skins or widget packs.


–1. Added the ability to add and remove images or backgrounds, and choose which background is applied to which panel.
–2. Added image rotation, re-sizing, and re-naming.
–3. Added thumbnails in the panels and backgrounds tabs.
–4. Added selectable viewing options “Large icons”, and “Small icons” in all tabs with thumbnails.
–5. Added “check all”, “un-check all”, and “assign to checked” options in the panels tab for easier and faster background changing.
–6. WVGA and WQVGA scrolling problem fixed.
–7. Added the “Carousel” tab for manipulating your panel carousel or tiled panel view. Allows adding, removing, re-naming, and re-ordering the items in your panel views.
–8. Added new file picking dialog for adding images and choosing an external image editor. Includes a more intuitive split tree and file view with icons and image thumbnails. Also adds the ability to change the view type and delete or re-name files.
–9. Added more panels to the “Panels” tab.
–10. Added more utilities to the options dialog.
–11. Alot more small changes and bug-fixes I can’t remember.


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LightJacker v1.0.3 (PPC Application)

LightJacker is an universal backlight fix / TomTom backlight fix
for WM5 & Up.


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TrineFix v2.1.3 (PPC Application)

TrineFix is a utility that will fix a lot of issues you might have with your PIM data (Contacts, Appointments and Tasks).

Duplicate contacts or appointments, FileAs on your contacts not as you like it, missing country codes, or not the format you want it to be!? TrineFix will fix it for you!

Release notes:

Updated to version 2.1.3, less memory usage, tuned text/graphics for a couple of resolutions that it did not look so nice in (Samsung Ominas 400×200 for example).


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FacebookIM (FIM) v2.3.2 (PPC Application)

FacebookIM or short FIM is a facebook chat client for Windows Mobile.


* added facebook notifications to popup
* new feature “Add To Contacts”


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SetVolume v0.7.0 (PPC Application)

SetVolume is a finger friendly volume changer.


* added in call volume support


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