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tinyCAM v0.9.1 (PPC Application)

Transform your PDA into Network Camera.


Fixed resolution selection might crash application
Saving status of webserver / motion detector / ftp upload on application exit


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myCar Profile (09-11-2009) (PPC Application)

This application allows auto answer for incoming calls and automatically turns speakerphone on without pressing any buttons on windows mobile professional devices.


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tinyCAM v0.9.0 (PPC Application)

Transform your PDA into Network Camera.


The motion detector is a bit more sensible as it wasn’t detecting much
Possible to customize upload filename (and set a fixed filename for all uploads)
Possible to set a fixed ftp upload interval (without motion detector)
Bigger preview
Fixed software not exiting properly
Fixed Time and temperature settings were mixed
Updated to manalia sdk 2.1


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Slide2Unlock2 (S2U2) v2.12 (PPC Application)

S2U2 (Slide2Unlock2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don’t use your device. It has a CallerID function (but some devices may not work, so please try it first); S2P control plugin; and volume control.


– fixed the error in v2.10 when GIF wallpaper is used together with “Battery on top” turned on.
– fixed the CallerID problem that if your device works with v2.0x but not with v2.10.
– fixed an occasional power leak that new message is received when the device is sleeping.
– fixed the occasional problem that the taskbar is distorted when unlock.
– “Curtain Opacity” now works with “Float” top curtain.
– improved compatibility with WM6.5 devices, especially the CallerID.
– added Lithuanian language support.


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PhonyCall v0.9 (PPC Application)

PhonyCall 0.9 is a “fake call” open source freeware. The program allows you to fake a call to yourself, giving you a tool to avoid akward situations. There are many programs that now do similar functions, but they are not free, nor as highly customizable.


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Mobile Vikings v1.04 (PPC misc)

n3tfusion wrote a little application for WM6.1 mainly for the users of the Belgian mobile service provider “Mobile Vikings”.


– Show the expiration date of your free data/sms
– Show the remaining credits(€), data and sms.
– Show the call/data/sms/mms history
– Show the Topup History
– Phone number = Contact’s name
– Auto-Update ( choose between 5-10-15-30min-1h-2h-3h)
– Notification Bubble for Auto-Update to get an quick Sim Balance info
– Language : French, English, Dutch
– New UI, Manila Look with Kinetic Scrolling [ Thanks to michyprima ! ]
– Date Picker for History

You need the .net CF 3.5 !


[28/10/2009]1.04 -Phonenumber is replaced by Contact’s name ! Some bug fixed, new arrow pictures, The 3 parts are now updated separately, auto-update : only the sim balance –> New button for update the topup.


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TouchReader (05-11-2009) (PPC Application)

Touch Reader is a text file reader that has touch scroll. This program is still in early development, and is not very pretty at all.


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Speeed Reader v0.90 (PPC Application)

Speeed Reader is a Google Reader Client for Windows Mobile Professional devices. It allows native access and interaction to your Google Reader subscriptions. Google Reader is a great RSS feed aggregator that can organize all your RSS feeds in an intuitive manner. Using Speeed Reader, you can now view them on your Windows Mobile device, natively.


New feature: Article Caching/Offline mode
New feature: Search
New feature: Share articles via email/sms
New feature: Download more articles for tag reading list
New feature: Mark (new) articles unread
New feature: Hide read subscriptions and articles
Enhancement: Now using Bit.ly for URL shortening
Enhancement: Dynamic manual article refreshing
Enhancement: Progress bar is back
Enhancement: Correct font sizes for QVGA devices
Enhancement: Newly designed settings UI
Enhancement: New Mirabyte Controls module
Bug Fix: Feed URLs contain ‘?’ now load correctly (no more “There are 0 articles to read”)


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Basal Body Temperature v1.1 (PPC Application)

Record woman’s basal temperature to your PDA/PHONE with this software. So, you can see the the probably safe dates. [Description by N35]


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TitaniumStarter v2.0 (PPC Application)

“TitaniumStarter” starts everything quickly. Together with JMLLauncher from JMHL (and JMLToday) it gives a wonderful “Launch Suite”.


– now can search all subfolders of Start Menu
– Search Algorithm written in C – so very fast search
– completely redeveloped data structure
– Adjustable Animation-speed (Set Animation Time not too low, to prevent Timeouts)
– Links can viewed with or without Folder Info
– Extra Design for Folder-View/Non-Folder View
– Context Menu to change Folder-View, Refresh,Animation-Speed
– After Start an Application, Plugin switch to Keyboard and refresh itself
– Skinable – only provide a new /image-Directory
– Little bit more, which I’ve forgotten now 🙂


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