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mySpot v0.25a (PPC Application)

The mySpot application provides access to the Spotify service on the Windows Mobile platform. Works with any QVGA, VGA or WVGA device running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher.


* Full implementation of the Spotify search and top list functions
* Choose your own media player – define how each track is played (CorePlayer v1.30 is recommended)
* Album artwork can also be downloaded as required


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smartWatchM v1.2.5.0 (PPC Application)

Here is a notification utility smartWatchM for Sony Ericsoon BT watch (MBW-150). It supports all main features of Sony Ericsson phones and it even has some extra functions.

It’s developed for Smartphones/Windows Mobile Standard but works on all WM 5/6 devices (with MS BT stack).


Sony Ericsson MBW-100 (usable, but complicated menu access or watch control – no issues)
Sony Ericsson MBW-150 (recommended – no issues)
Sony Ericsson MBW-200 (recommended – no issues but smaller resolution than MBW-1×0 – 80×16 instead of 96×16)
Abacus Caller ID Watch (or similar Fossil watch) (just notifications, no menu or control – no issues)
Citizen i:VIRT (W71 – not stable)
LM Technologies LM957/LM958/Fake MBW-150 (Bluetooth Watch Sports/Classic) (just notifications, no menu or control – no issues)
LM Technologies LM959 (Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet) (complicated connection/reconnection)
LM Technologies Bracelet with LCD (currenly vibrate only, complicated connection/reconnection)
Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980 (setup, just a test)
Prada Link (LBA-T950 – not stable)


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Freda v0.9 (PPC Application)

Freda is an ebook reader. It can read .txt, .html and (DRM-free) ePub files.

Homepage: http://www.turnip.demon.co.uk/jim/freda/


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Pocket Coffee Mobile v1.0 (PPC misc)

Pocket Coffee Mobile is a virtual coffee-product maker.


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Groovefish v0.3.2 (PPC Application)

Groovefish will allow the most excellent Grooveshark music streaming service to be used on a Windows Mobile 6.x device.


Big rewrite of some of the code – should fix some problems, may cause others!
Sporadic crash on exit should now be fixed.
Searches can now be cancelled.
Fixes a crash that sometimes occurred when scrolling the search results.
… QVGA compatibility!


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CPlayer v1.10 (PPC Application)

CPlayer is a Nitrogen Titanium Plugin.

What you get with this plugin?

– Running and exiting minimalized Nitrogen from 1 Page
– Maximalizing Nitrogen by presing out of control buttons
– Functions Play/Pause, Next/Prev song
– Displaying Album Art, Artist, Title and Song Time


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TitaniumStarter v1.0 (PPC Application)

“TitaniumStarter” starts everything quickly. Together with JMLLauncher from JMHL (and JMLToday) it gives a wonderful “Launch Suite”.


– Keyboard direct in Titanium Panel
– Full animated switching between Keyboard and Results (it should look cool)
– Designed to launch quickly each program in Start Menu with direct accessable different input methods
– Installed by TICS_installer: So it will work in ALL THEMES not only Standard Titanium, also Blizz,Josito,… (if you want to make a special .plg for the keyboard in your favorite Theme, just give it to me, I will integrate it)
– ALL ROM-Languages – no dependencies to a country or WWE-ROM – it knows, where your Start Menu is to find
– Different type modes (left side of keyboard):
— I = one letter will start search for all Programs in Startmenu with this abecedarian letter
— II = one letter needs tab on “GO”, after two letters automatic search
— III = type the word as long you want – only “GO” initiates search
– Wildcard-Search – e.g. “*oo” in Mode III would find “Groovefish” as well as “Bluetooth Explorer”
– Launches programs/chooses letter after tab on plugin – possible because of AreaButtons of JMLPanex
– To erase last letter just click backward button in the bottom-right corner under “GO”
– to erase all input just click on current mode on left side
– …little bit more- just find it out


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fixOperaFlash v1.5.2.0 (PPC Application)

This tool will automatically install and configure everything you need to run your Opera with Flash support. With other words: No need to install Flash Lite… Yes, just Plug&Flash!

Tested and working with:

Opera 9.5 builds:
1522, 1938, 1957, 2392, 15233, 15529, 15613, 15746, 15750, 16070, 16277, 16643, 16702, 16844, 16983, 17518, 17658, 17775
Opera 9.7 builds:
35166, 35267, 35393, 35432, 35443, 35461


Flash Library package version
added deploy button to be disabled if Opera is still running
added “UAProf URL Enable” key, which claims to be used from newest 9.70 builds
fixed crash bug when trying to initialize “Tabs” with value grater than 9
fixed crash bug when trying to initialize “Cache” with value grater than 20MB
fixed Asus-P750 support


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myPlayer v1.080 (PPC Application)

A stand-alone, light-weight application that accesses the BBC iPlayer Mobile content. Specifically designed for QVGA, VGA or WVGA devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher.


Stream initialisation bug fixed


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MissedCallReminder v1.3.5 (PPC Application)

MissedCallReminder adds the missing “missed call” and “missed sms” reminder to WM 6.


Should display in QVGA/VGA/WQCGA/WVGA
bugfix: Option to not give reminder in set timespan is not stored
bugfix: The device does not vibrate when the option “General Tone” is used on the Sound tab.
When “Tone per reminder is used”, the program does vibrate.
bugfix: Error message when registry key “CurrentUserSystemStateMessagesMMS” is not present and MMS reminder is checked (please note that this currently means that if you have selected MMS reminders the program will ignore this setting if the registry key is not present.)


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