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JWMD Icon Changer v1.9 (Beta) (PPC Application)

JWMD Icon Changer is a Start Menu customization tool designed for Windows Mobile 6.5

– Changing/Removing the Icon
– Can create New Folder
– Saving/Loading Themes
– Sorting Start Menu Programs
– Register shortcut files
– Changing the Animated Bootup Screen (the 2nd bootup screen)
– Chaging Microsoft Bootup Screen (the 3rd bootup screen)


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tinyCAM v0.8.0b (PPC Application)

Transform your PDA into Network Camera.


0.8.0b : Repacked with OpenNetCF


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JMLPanex v2.10 (PPC Application)

JMLPanex program (JML Panel Execute) allows multiple hotspots on a plugin (-> Association picture/program). JMLPanex is a Titanium plugin!


– Bug : Cache works on Portrait AND Landscape mode
– Compatible BronzeListView CPR (to tested. thanks)
– JMLClearCache.mscr script to clear one or all caches
– JMLOffset.mscr script to fix Offset (Rom > 23xxx or BronzeListView CPR)


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JMLLauncher v1.00 (PPC Application)

JMLLauncher plugin is a Titanium Application launcher + Page/Plugin Moving.


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tinyCAM v0.8.0 (PPC Application)

Transform your PDA into Network Camera.


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Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) v6.18 (PPC Application)

Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) is another auto locking program which utilizes the Windows Locking for partial locking (phone related keys are active) or complete locking (no keys are active).


17/09 – v.6.18 – General Policy handling, Dump variables for debugging purposes


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Mobile Vikings v1.02 (PPC misc)

n3tfusion wrote a little application for WM6.1 mainly for the users of the Belgian mobile service provider “Mobile Vikings”.


– Show the expiration date of your free data/sms
– Show the remaining credits(€), data and sms.
– Show the call/data/sms/mms history
– Show the Topup History
– Auto-Update ( choose between 5-10-15-30min-1h-2h-3h)
– Notification Bubble for Auto-Update to get an quick Sim Balance info
– Language : French, English, Dutch
– New UI, Manila Look with Kinetic Scrolling [ Thanks to michyprima ! ]
– Config.ini file with the user/pwd/lang stored

You need the .net CF 3.5 !


[13/10/2009]1.02 – Bugs Fixed,small speed improvement, Optional Notification Bubble for Auto-Update (see config)


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JMLStocks v2.23 (PPC Application)

The JMLStocks Titanium plugin /provides you with,


– Quotation of the actions in stock exchange
– Quotation of the currencies
– Stock indexes


– TICS installation (from @MichelDiamond)
– small auto-update bug


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YouTool v0.5 (PPC Application)

YouTool is a tweaking tool for Windows Mobile.


enable the setting page
tty —————> Show or hide TTY page in phone settings
wireless —————>Enables or disables OBEX to receive files.
pin2 —————> Show or hide pin2 page in phone settings
edge —————> Show EDGE icon on title bar when an EDGE connection is active
6.1 sms —————>Enables or disables threaded SMS (Windows Mobile 6.1 only)
hsdpa —————> Show HSDPA icon on title bar when an HSDPA connection is active
show ex_rom —————>show or hide ex_rom
automatic time —————>Boot Time Automatic Updates
send tips —————>Enable or disable the SMS sent notification
send a receipt —————> Enable or disable the SMS delivery notification.
release of res —————>release of resources,when the phone idle
power manage —————>Enable or disable power managment for AsyncMac1/Irsir1/PPTP1/L2TP1 communication protocol. Power managment reduces power consumption when AsyncMac1 is not used.
auto-lock devic —————>Enables or disables automatic lock when screen is turned off
time zone —————>Shows or hides Time Zone page in Phone settings
unicode sms —————>Use Unicode encoding when message contains characters that can only be expressed with Unicode, if Unicode support is disabled such characters are lost.
sim contacts —————>Show or hide the contacts stored on SIM card in contacts list

mask setting page
stk service —————>stk service
usb charge —————>Enables or disables battery charging when device is connected via USB
channel page —————>Shows or hides Band page in Phone settings
dynamic menu —————>Enable or disable menu animations. Disabling animations improves system performance
dynamic windows —————>Enables or disables window animations. Disabling animations improves system performance
coverage —————>Do not prompt coverage
obex wireless —————>Enables or disables OBEX to receive files. Disabling OBEX saves power consumption
any key answer —————>Specifies whether any key can be used to answer an incoming call
wireless icon —————>Shows or hides Wireless Manager icon on tray bar
battery icon —————>Shows or hides Power icon on tray bar
warn —————>Enable or disable the security warning before opening a program that is not digitally signed

adjust setting oage
file cache —————>Define the size of file system cache
filter cache —————>Define the size of file system filter cache
graphics cache —————>Define the size limit for character glyphs
keyboard backlight —————>Change the time the keyboard backlight remains on after the last key press
keyboard —————>Change keyboard layout
audio —————>SBC sample rate to use
bass —————>Defines bass level
treble —————>Defines treble level
3d —————>Defines 3D sound level
bit —————>Configure the SBC bitpool settings. A lower bitpool value improves system performance, a higher value improves audio quality


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Nektra Contact Manager v1.02 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Nektra Contact Manager is a finger friendly contact manager specifically designed for busy people who need to manage a huge number of contacts.

It is free to use for any purpose. The only restriction is that you cannot distribute the application.


Finger friendly controls
List controls provide a smooth scroll
Contacts can be grouped by Company or by Groups (touching the bottom tab Contacts button you can switch the views)
Sms list
Phone calls (touching the bottom tab Calls button you can switch calls views: Incoming, Outgoing, Lost, All)
Keyboard for contacts fast search (press ‘Undock’ button)
Favorites can be accessed in iPhone way
Scroll with the finger or using the right side scrollbar to go to a certain place
Contact photo display
Send SMS / MMS to multiple-recipients (select contacts touching them until they are selected and then choose menu option ‘Send SMS / MMS’)


* Several scroll fixes.
* Added multiple-selection for the contacts.
* Send SMS / MMS to multiple contacts (select contacts touching them until they are selected and then choose menu option ‘Send SMS / MMS’).

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=572196


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